Any one good with teen Bodybuilding routines

  1. Any one good with teen Bodybuilding routines

    i am a body builder, have been for about 4-5 years now, my little brother is starting out, we worked out last year and i had to stop due to injury leaving him unable to go, he put on nice size last year.....he is 15 and 125 pounds 5'8" skinny as a rail but lean as hell, great diet i put together for him, hes taking whey protein isolate i gave him, and i suck at putting a routine together for kids at that age, can some one please help me put a training schedule together for him??
    we work out in a 3 man group Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ,and sometimes Sunday.......we have been working out together this year for about1 month, and little progress, i had him get the form of the work outs down for the first 2 weeks.....please help!!
    thanks, justin and tim krizzl

  2. i'd stick with the basics. he's too young to know the intensity required to do DC training. i'd look into a 5x5 program. its less time at the gym, focuses on the most important exercises, and is usually recommended for beginners. i don't think i'd recommend anything else, especially at his body weight. once he gets a little bigger, and his arms start hitting 14-15 inches (14 if he's built like me, 15 if he's anyone else), then have him start doing the splits that we are used to. i'm guessing he's got my build - at 15 i had dropped to 105 pounds (boarding school, seventh day adventist - no salt, no meat, no oil, fake cheese).

    i can tell you the best exercises to put on mass are the powerlifting 3 - squats, deads, bench. 5x5 includes all of those. in addition to the 5x5 system (you did check if his growth plates closed right?), have him do upright rows twice a week (which will be one 5x5, and two 6x5 days) since they will increase the size of his shoulder girdle, allowing him to put on much more weight when he gets older.

  3. yes i did have my mother call and ask his doctor if they are closed and he said, "most likely, if not they are going to very soon" and my mother asked if its alright for him to lift with me and the doc said, "yes it will have no affect on his hight, hes not getting any taller" where do i get this 5X5 program thing??

  4. cut and pasted. 5 exercises, 5 reps, 5 sets.

    Stronglifts 55 is a full body routine. Overhead Press, Dips & Bench Press works your triceps. Barbell Rows, Pull-ups & Chin-ups work your biceps. Overhead Press, Squats, Deadlifts work your abs. And so on.

    in addition to stronglifts, there's billy starr's 5x5 and riptoes 5x5. there's probably others, just look it up on yahoo or google.

  5. thanks man, he has a good frame on him for his size.....with this routine how long will it be until he sees results, and how often does he go to the gym??

  6. 3 days a week. its vaguely similar to my total body training. keep his diet pretty strict (limit soda, increase carbs pre and post workout with protein). if he's eating more calories than he's spending, he should (at his age, diet in check, doing compound moves) put on 5 pounds this month, followed by two pounds of muscle every month following for the next year. thats the gains i got doing similar workouts (minus the 5 pounds in one month), with a lower testosterone count than he has at 15. diet is 90% of bodybuilding. the rest is sleep, and intensity at the gym. if he's not gaining weight like he should, its one of three things - intensity of training, sleep, or diet. usually diet though. i honestly wouldn't be surprised (again, if everything is in check) if he gained 30-35 pounds this year, with gains starting to slow down on month 10.

    if his gains slow down before month 10, and his arms push 15 inches, switch the routine out for something else.

    at 15, he should go crazy on the food, while avoiding sugar, french fries, soda, alcohol. have him snack on healthy foods, and there's no reason he can't gain that size. before anyone flames me, ask yourself if you knew what you knew now, and had your diet in check, how much you could put on at 15 with a decent frame, and tons of room to put on muscle, and knew the importance of squats with relation to upper body mass.

  7. i would way more than 185 if i knew what i know now.... thanks for your help cloud, i have u in my friends list ill keep in touch..


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