my knee is still pursisting with pain, as far as the patella tendenitis, that has pretty much gone and ofcoarse since it healed, and coming off a 7 week non workout on legs. i go and hit them hard well lifitng wise light weight. but then go play foot ball and i got a lil over training on knee and it hurts on the side. but it comes and goes. mainly when doing hard running and or long running. anyways im bout to buy animal pakc flex and super cissus. but i was wandering if any 1 knows of any good cardio exercises without the use of legs.. but builds good endurance and keeps u in routine as if i was running if it all is possible? Right now i am doing speed bag and punching bag routine. jump rope occasionly but im kinda worried boutt that. i know elipitcal and bike and treadmill but damn i feel like it doesnt do anything for me.