About shoulder blades

  1. About shoulder blades

    im bringing my little bro (15) to the gym with me and he has shoulder blades that stick out of his back very far......is there anything that can help push them back??? my dad has the same problem but i never did.......he is skinny, 125-130 pounds....you can really see how bad it is when he flexes his peck, thats when his shoulder blades point out of his back pretty far......
    thanks, justin krizzl

  2. check with his doctor and make sure his growth plates have closed before he starts working out heavy. i'm not a doctor, i don't know what would make them stick out. i assume anything that will add mass to the back would cover up the blades with muscle, making them look normal. its probably just from being skinny. if his growth plates have closed, look into deadlifts (with a belt since he's new). if i was 15 and knew what i did now....

    deadlifts, squats, bench, pull ups, military press, dips. if he adds these to his routine, he'll be so much better off, based on how much muscle can be added, as well as how much testosterone he will release into his system. have him read this and see if it helps motivate him to work out.

    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

  3. what would happen if his Growth plates are not closed???

  4. the muscles will hold the bones in place, and they will prematurely close - can affect height, shoulder width, etc. nothing seriously bad medicalwise, but it could affect how much room he has to put on muscle (if he was a little taller, broader, etc).

  5. so if his shoulder blades stick out and he works out hardcore with me will his shoulder blades always stick out??

  6. Sounds like he's saying that the kids traps would fill in that dead space in his back. But yeah, don't need him stunting his growth.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  7. i'm not sure. my gut answer is no. if you build muscle OVER the shoulder blades (pull ups, deadlift), and build the traps up, which deadlifts do, then it should go away. not being a doctor, i can't say for sure. there may be something genetic that comes into play here. make sure his deadlift form is correct - of all things bodybuilding, this is the hardest thing to master. here's the deadlift form link - props to "dragonfly" who first posted the link.

    TESTOSTERONE NATION - Deadlift Diagnosis

    again though, check with the doctor about the growth plate thing.

  8. alright ill take a close look at his workout, and the link that you put up, he is as tall as me, but i still want him to fill out more so i will take it easy on him!
    thanks guys, justin krizzl


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