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    as any one ever heard bout this and or weighted vest and shorts? are they effective or just a marketing tool? Ive always wanted to add just a lil more weight on bodty while run or do training anfd or punching bag. but my bro says once i can do it all with ease than add weights to the training. thats true, but also i would like to wear just to build up muslce in area that i havnt done.. like calf, front shin and thighs from standing and so when i run.. it wont hurt as much and i wont get sore.. just trying to strengthen up the core and seeing if these would b e the best option or just do hard training? Seeing if people use them and see how they work and if its worth the investment. i'm trying to up my game, because right now i have to go to the gym both morning and evening to do either cardio and weight lifting due to work schedule. i wanted to try to limit this. and see if this product would help to do this.. do HIIT trainign with vest and shorting the time of cardio

  2. or a fanny pack loaded up with pennies, or a brick. backpacks also work if you're just doing cardio outside of the gym. weighted vests seem to be the best for all around and weight distribution, but they're so darned expensive.

  3. yea thats true.. the whole suits are money! just trying to see if its worth an investment for long time use? the money it is distribute it from a 12 month period and see what it'll cost me a month. i know i'll use it for a yea and see if its worth that money a day.. u know. say 300 bucks/12 months=25 bucks a month/ that bye the days and its roughly .65 cents day.. to use it and if use for a year or longer its well payed for.. just trying to consider if it will work good.. the pro power suit will hold up to 30 pounds but then u can get vests that hold a lot more.. but 30 pounds is more than enough to start with once i get wrell adjusted then i'll get something a year later..=P

  4. I've got a 40 pound weight vest that I use during breaks at work. I run 5 floors of stairs with it on. It will put your heart to the test LOL! Now my son is using it too running the hill beside our house prepping for football season.

    It was a very good investment I think.

  5. thanx. yea i was thinking of the vest but the powersuit looks good fitt5ing adn a complete set once i get good with that then invest with vest and shorts with mroe weight!

  6. You may also want to look into sled and sand bag training, they will strengthen your entire body and are great tools to help recovery and general physical preparedness. I recently went to Lowe's (Home depot type store ) and made a sled and 120lb sand bag for $12.00.
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