Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training

  1. Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training

    The concept of high intensity training with plenty of recovery time. This workout is by far one of the best, if done right...

    A little information about this workout: there is a lot of pre-exhaustion, negatives etc.
    Only one set for each lift.. some people may wonder how one set could do any work at all... simple.. you exert 100% effort for each rep.. meaning that you would do a very slow count for each rep.. this tearing each muscle fiber...

    Your not in the gym long at all.. which is very nice.. 30 mins top is the time your in the gym, and considering the workout is a high intensity one, your workouts becaome fast as you progress with them... this causing workouts to become only around 20 to 25 mins long...

    The big thing to know about this workout is that a lot of recovery time is needed.. you tear all of your muscles.. therefore you definately need tons of rest

    eating clean/often is about all you need for this workout... no extra supps really...

    If anyone is interested in anymore info let me know...

  2. It's more effective for Strength gains then the more traditional method of training, but it's not "the best" for hypertrophy. Muscle requires a higher frequency of stimulation then what Mentzer suggests for optimal growth. Mike's clients were making terrific strength gains from week to week, but that has greater implications on a sharpened neuromuscular mechanism, then it does on increased muscle cell size.

    I enjoy HIT on occasion, but we'll have to agree to disagree that its the best.

  3. true i should have worded that differently... HIT works well to a certain extent then you HAVE to do something different.. but as far as size.. i believe that size preceeds strength.. but yeah i've noticed a big strength gain with HIT in only two weeks

  4. So does this build size or strength? Ive heard of the idea before and ive heard mixed opinions. When i think about the best type of workout, this one naturally comes to mind, heavier weights, slower reps which tear the mucle then big rest to get gains. It makes sense. Could you gimme some more info, links maybe?

  5. i don't really have any links all of hte information is in my head... but yes in my opinion this work out is ONE of the best.. first you get your strength gains... the theory is size preceeds strength.. let me know what more info i can give.. if you want the workout plan you can look in the onther thread that you actually started about getting bigger, but if you would rather me just send you a message with the workout let me know man.. good luck

  6. def interested man PM me the workout man

  7. nah i get the picture, intstead of doing 4x8-10 hammer curls, i would do 2xfailure with a heavier weight, im gunna stick with my workout i have for now, i just switched to it, but maybe in a few weeks ill switch to HIT cause w/ school and stuff spending 30 min max would be great

  8. yeah man i always go in in the morning before school


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