Upper back thickness

  1. Upper back thickness

    Seems like my upper back isn't/hasn't developed as much as I'd like it too. I've got thick erectors, but my upper back doesn't seem to do as well. What would you vets recommend I try? Right now all i'm doing to back are pullups, narrow grips and dumbell rows. I cannot deadlift, barbellrow or anything else that requires my back to support itselt (bulged disc).


  2. Id like to see what is thrown around in here as well. My traps are pretty decent, middle back thickness for me sucks though.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Id like to see what is thrown around in here as well. My traps are pretty decent, middle back thickness for me sucks though.

    I know facepulls are great, but I can't do em because of my back. you should try em, though.

  4. One arm bent over rows would seem like a good choice in your situation, that and weighted pull ups. Also if you cant do barbell rows, perhaps the next best thing would be supine rows. They don't put undue stress on the back, and if done correctly can have a nice effect.

  5. Chest Supported Rows!
    Your gym should have some sort of machine for this, but if not you can just lay on your stomach on an incline bench and use dumbbells.
    Scapular shrugs are another good one, much like before lay on your stomach on an incline bench and just pull your shoulder blades back.
    If you have a double cable station you can do a bunch of different rowing and pulldown movements with and incline or upright bench supporting your body. Just keep you stomach and chest on the back of the bench at all times and really focus on form with the movements.
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  6. TITS!. 3 good ideas. Can't wait!

  7. Not sure but can you do these reverse pull ups? Perhaps with feet on a bench to make them harder and a close underhand grip:

    YouTube - Smith Machine Inverted Pull-ups

  8. Yeah, thats the supine row. You can do it from multiple angles. PMils offered a good suggestion with the bench rows. I've been doing them on an incline bench, with dumbells and a neutral grip. Slow controlled movements are key, and the upperback gets isolated quite nicely.

  9. Lockout squats? Just found them when I was googling for exercises on back. Gonna start adding them to mine and see what kind of results I get.

  10. Reverse grip pullups- pulling to the bottom of your sternum. Close neutral grip pullups kick ass too.

  11. This is the best one in my opinion. Try to do heavy weight, and really focus on form. When you do these, keep your shoulders in line with each other. Most people lift there shoulder up which puts a kind of twisting motion on your lower back and abs, which not only is potentially harmful, but also limits the affect it has on your back size.

  12. oops quote didnt go thru...by this i mean 1 arm db rows, resting the opposite arm and knee on a bench, and keeping your supporting leg strait.

  13. narrow reverse grip lat pull downs and back flys on the chest fly machine

  14. i would say DB shrugs, face down DB shrugs, and upright rows to get that top/middle area real good with narrow, and palms-up lat pulls(coleman-style) to help that area as well. Those might okay with your "bulged- disc," idk,.. but it makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

  15. I found that if you put the bench mid-way between flat and incline and do DB rows with your thumbs slightly higher than pinky pulling to your sternum hits upper mid back nicely.
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  16. All good suggestions...

    a while ago I was having this problem and addressed it with GeekPoop. I seem to do plenty of typical rows and pullups/pulldowns. We decided that the missing ingredient was actually upright rows. I never do them because of severe elbow and shoulder injuries.

    So, we compromised and now I do them with pathetically light weight, high reps, and lots of time under tension. I've noticed things are a bit more defined between the shoulder blades just after 2-3 weeks of making this minor change.


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