Lifitng exercises shedule

  1. Lifitng exercises shedule

    as i have been told that what i am doing right now is over doing it.

    what i was going to do is jst do abs every other day. cardio 4 days out the week and do weight lifitng 4 days out the week.. give myself bout 2 days of rest. doing nothing at all. i hear rest is like one of the most important part. without it u wont have to much growth or resuslts. I have 2 methods i was going to do and see if yall could help me with it to put in my log..

    chest,bis,and tri,s monday and thruday
    back, shoulder and legs, tuesday and fridays.
    abs monday wednesday friday and sunday.
    cardio same abs

    exercise routine would be
    Reps 10,8,6,4,2 then burnout and do 2 exercises on each muscle
    total of 6 exercises and 5 sets on each part.

    or do

    chest and tri's monday
    back and bi's tuesday
    shoulders and legs thursday
    friday do im not sure might put legs all on its own

    abs on my off days and cardio on my off days as well

    Trying to get myself a good workout schedule for starting monday to post in my cutting logg. i have pics now and also i am posting my sizes (arms,waist,legs and so forth) Im going to make a whole new logg cause first one i am all scattered out. but before i do i want to first get my workout schedule right first. to post in my log, then my eating on log and then i will put what routines i will put on there and my supplements i will be taking.. gottta do one at a time. please let me know what else i need for a log and if this will work. any help would be gratly appreciated!

  2. You may find members to be more helpful if you try not to produce redundant threads.

    Work out Log/ Help

    Time for changing

    Your enthusiasm is commendable but you post a new thread for every question that comes to mind. Consider consolidating your inquiries into your workout log

    Newbie First Cutting Log

    where you seem to be getting the best and most response. This way you have a growing archive of information contained in one place.

    Just a suggestion

  3. yea sorry, i got over compuslive and i get tunnel vision..=/ its a damn curse and then what happens i throw everything all at once but i break them down to different sections.. i dont know why i do this. its bad i know.. and once i realize what i do its to late.. and i need to learn to ask all at once and learn to do this and stop acting likea damn fool.. thanx again.. wopnt happen any more..=/ take care

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