Best Excercises?

  1. Best Excercises?

    I came across this chart a while back and saved it for reference and just found it again today. It a an electromyogram test for every body part that shows the muscle activity that each move produces. Its an interesting chart, and while I dont agree with all the results (declines stimulating the most chest activity?) it has some good insights into what excercises are effective. One thing it didnt mention in the study or shed any light on either was form, which could make a huge difference the results.

    Pectoralis Major % iemg MAX
    Decline dumbell bench press 93
    Decline bench press (olympic) 89
    Push-ups between benches 88
    Flat dumbell bench press 87
    Flat bench press 85
    Flat dumbell flys 84

    Pectoralis Minor % iemg MAX
    Incline dumbell bench press 91
    Incline bench press (olympic) 85
    Incline dumbell flys 83
    Incline bench press (Smith) 81

    Medial Deltoids % iemg MAX
    Incline dumbell side laterals 66
    Standing dumbell side laterals 63
    Seated dumbell side laterals 62
    Cable side laterals 47

    Posterior Deltoids % iemg MAX
    Standing dumbell bent laterals 85
    Seated dumbell side laterals 83
    Standing cable bent laterals 77

    Anterior Deltoids % iemg MAX
    Seated Front Dumbell Press 79
    Standing Front Dumbell Raises 73
    Seated Front Barbell Press 61

    Latissimus Dorsi % iemg MAX
    Bent over barbell rows 93
    One arm dumbell rows 91
    T-bar rows 89
    Lat pulldowns (front) 86
    Seated pulley rows 83

    Biceps Brachii (long head) % iemg MAX
    Biceps Preacher Curls (Olympic Bar) 90
    Incline Seated Dumbell Curls (Alternate) 88
    Standing Biceps Curl (Olympic Bar/Narrow Grip) 86
    Standing Dumbell Curls (Alternate) 84
    Concentration Dumbell Curls 80
    Standing Biceps Curls (Olympic Bar/Wide Grip) 63
    Standing E-Z Biceps Curls (Wide Grip) 61

    Triceps Brachii (outer head) % iemg MAX
    Decline Triceps Extensions (Olympic Bar) 92
    Triceps Pressdowns (Angled Bar) 90
    Triceps Dip Between Benches 87
    One-Arm Cable Triceps Extensions (Reverse Grip) 85
    Overhead Rope Triceps Extensions 84
    Seated One-Arm Dumbell Triceps Extensions (neutral grip) 82
    Close-Grip Bench Press (Olympic Bar) 72

    Rectus Femoris (Quadriceps) % iemg MAX
    Safety Squats (90 Degree Angle, Shoulder-Width Stance) 88
    Seated Leg Extensions (Toes Straight) 86
    Hack Squats (90 Degree Angle, Shoulder-Width Stance) 78
    Leg Press (110 Degree Angle) 76
    Smith Machine Squats (90 Degree Angle, Shoulder-Width Stance) 60

    Biceps Femoris % iemg MAX
    Standing leg curls 82
    Lying leg curls 71
    Seated leg curls 58
    Modified hamstring deadlift 56

    Semitendinosus % iemg MAX
    Seated leg curls 88
    Standing leg curls 79
    Lying leg curls 70
    Modified hamstring deadlift 63

    Gastrocnemius % iemg MAX
    Donkey calf raises 80
    Standing one leg calf raises 79
    Standing two leg calf raises 68
    Seated calf raises 61

  2. interesting. a few noted omissions are deadlifts, military press and pull ups. but it looks like dumbells are king for chest movements - better range of motion i'm guessing. same reason maybe why smith machine is last - you are forced to go through a plane of motion that your body may not like. wonder why barbell is better for biceps though? weird. good find!!!

  3. Military press is on there, its listed as seated front barbell press. Deads and pullups should have been in thier test for sure, it would be hard to measure the full effect for the deadlift though since it is a full body lift.

  4. its an interesting chart thats for sure. why dumbells are better for chest, but olympic bar is better for biceps is really weird. i've always preferred the bars myself because of the amount of weight you can lift, but i give dumbells their own day to make sure i'm not missing on anything.

    where i get totally lost, is why side cable raises use the least muscle (over dumbells) - thats where you have the greatest time under tension. doesn't make sense. its definitely worth thinking about though.

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