Intense Headache after Squats!?

  1. Intense Headache after Squats!?

    I searched for something similar to this and found some help but I thought I'd maybe see if I could get anymore info on this. I am currently doing German Volume Training I found on here a couple of weeks ago. It's 10 sets of 10. I have been doing fine with it for the past few weeks but today on the last set and last rep I got an intense headache during squats,almost like a migraine. I HAD to sit down. It went away after a few minutes. I even had trouble walking for a while after. The intensity for the rest of my workout was compromised since whenever I got as intense the headache seemed like it would come back. Is this normal for an intense set of squats? It just seemed almost too intense...

    I took AAKG before my workout. Wasn't my first time though. I thought maybe it was a possibility that too much blood was going to my legs maybe? My nutrition and rest is very good so I doubt I'm overtraining.

  2. by chance are you holding your breath? i've been dizzy and sick after doing squats, never got headaches tho...

  3. More than likely you were holding your breath. There is a trick called the Valsalva manuever which is where you hold your breath during the concentric phase of a lift. It allows you to strengthen your core by increasing the interior pressure of your abdomen using the air you are holding in. The down side is that is greatly increases blood pressure while you are doing it. A quick spike in blood pressure like that could lead to a serious head ache.

  4. I usually breath correctly (beathe out during concentric and breathe in during eccentric) but honestly I could have been holding my breath and not even meaning too. Funny thing is it's the day after and if I move my head quickly or head hurts again. I think I might just take a week off so my head doesn't explode.:squat:

    Thanks for the help

  5. I had this happen to me a couple of times myself. I was told it was 1 of 2 things. Either my breathing pattern was off and oxygen to the body was inbalance and/or I was not taking in enough water.

    If your breathing is good trying uping your water intake before hand, see what happens.

  6. A lot of your blood rushes away from your upper extremities down into your working muscle group (quads) during heavy squats (or deads). Some people get lightheaded, dizziness, and I've heard of headaches. The body reacts to this downward rush of blood away from the brain by dizziness or headaches, this is an instinctual response to make you lay down and allow the blood to return to the brain as quickly as possible. However, the degree of this reactions varies from person to person.

  7. This might sound generic, but sounds like lack of hydration... how long have you been on this training regime? After a heavy day of squats I almost need to double my intake of water... Check your hydration... as stated above, blood pressure can lead to headaches too. holding your breath usually only leads to temporary sides, nothing that should last all day. This is why I would say supps that cause high blood pressure and or hydration.

  8. Like others said and kind of stating the obvious, but breathe, drink water b4, during n after. Also maybe there a supp in there helpin the cause

  9. yea...I'll try to stay hydrated and breathe correctly. Think that maybe the AAKG contributed since it increases blood flow?

  10. what about bar position? how high does the bar ride on your shoulder girdle? maybe try a slightly lower spot.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by satyricon View Post
    what about bar position? how high does the bar ride on your shoulder girdle? maybe try a slightly lower spot.
    It pretty low already but I might see if I can get it a bit lower.

  12. its normal. I get them as well . also on Deads, and rack deads. Than the heavy high last a few hours after=) youll get used to training intensely.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    its normal. I get them as well . also on Deads, and rack deads. Than the heavy high last a few hours after=) youll get used to training intensely.
    Yea,it seems that they are quite common. It was just totally new to me. A pain in the head is never comfortable. Without a doubt that was the hardest I've ever pushed my legs. I just wish I could guarantee it not happening again in the future. It totally ruined the rhythm of my workout.


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