forearm pain?

  1. forearm pain?

    I searched for information on this issue, but the search function is cumbersome, and I couldn't find any help.

    I'm a beginner. I've lifted on an off before, but never had any success. I had some success with bodyweight training in the past, but I'm hitting the weights really hard right now.

    I've found great inspiration in pavel's power to the people... purchased a 300lb set of olympic weights... I've been working really hard, and making lots of progress on my lifts. I'm losing fat, and gaining muscle as only a newby can! Sweet! Just loving it!

    I believe that I'd be making more progress, but I seem to be blowing out my forearms. For example, today I had a really awesome workout with super intensity, and focus... eyes closed and feeling my body.... I wished to close my workout with some curls... When I went to start the lift... my forearms were toast, and I just couldn't do it safely.

    Should I just power through it? Should I do special forearm exercises? Should I use a wrapping of some sort.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


  2. Depends on what type of pain, where it is, if it hurts only when lifting or all the time. As a rule of thumb it is generally not good to work through most types of pain as it is an indicator that something is wrong.

  3. Is it your tendons or muscles?

    Either way, back off the weights or rest your forearms for a bit

  4. It does feel like tendonitis... I've had that before in my elbows from surfing too much... in fact I have a tendency to get that fairly easy from surfing especially if I've recently lifted.

    I have *****y little forarms.... there's some muscularity at the elbows, but by my wrists... it's basically bones with a skin wrapper... I can touch my thumb and pinky aroung the wrist.

    The good news is that it seems to heal up pretty fast (1-2 days) so I'm ready to lift again... perhaps this is just my body's way of acheiving the right balance my lifting program. Thanks for the input.


  5. rest is good, also ice buckets after a workout. on off days you could soak in epsom salts and hot, hot water. get a small orbital sander and use it for a massage device.

  6. orbital sander as a massage device?

    Brilliant!!!! Like guiness in bottles!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by satyricon View Post
    rest is good, also ice buckets after a workout. on off days you could soak in epsom salts and hot, hot water. get a small orbital sander and use it for a massage device.
    Hot bath with epsom salts is heaven-sent for a sore body period.

    I have the achy forearm tendons as well - Ive ordered some SuperCissus which appears to be the holy grail for fixing these things

  8. u should look into buying apt pro writs straps... they helped with my wrist pain (from the winny lol)

  9. super cissus rx really didn't do a whole lot for me... maybe I'll try it again.



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