Bi and Tri exercises

  1. Bi and Tri exercises

    Today bout 1 o clcok i will be going to workout and i will be doing my bi's and tri's today. ive been doing pretty much the same thing for them for past couple weeks and trying to find a new routine on them and what exercises.

    What i am trying to do right now is cut so what will be good arm workouts to try to get the right? right now i have been doing reverse curl 12 rep of 7 sets, tri extensions same, preacher curls same, hammers, skull crushers, what r some tgood way to blow them arms out or any new kind of burnout to do with arms any 1 knows bout?

    i use to do do a finisher of straight bar curl have 2 10's on eahc side and then after i do 8 reps take one plate of each side off then do 12 then take off plates and then do 20 rep of just the bar.. anything liek that yall know of with different excercies?

  2. hrm... my 2 cents
    branches - reverse grip curls (ez bar for my wrists)
    biceps - rope curl / preacher curl
    triceps - tricep extension ^ bar
    triceps - dips (parallel)
    triceps - reverse grip tricep pulldown "W" bar underhand grip

    but i've never cut before, so i don't know how you'd do sets for them for cutting. the last tricep exercise will really beat your triceps to a pulp. the DOMS will kill you if you've never done them before.

  3. damn sounds good... yea i was hitting arms heavy,, i might have to do that.. yea arms dont grow as fast as other body parts right.. what is it again like 1 inch every so many pounds u add? just everytime i 'll hit them slow hard and make it count.. no rocking and no cheating..=P

  4. one inch for every 20 pounds of mass gained is what they claim. i think its all rumor - it all depends on what you're doing at the gym. i've gained 7 lbs overall and added 3/4 of an inch to my arms. though for arm mass i would do things different than above:
    biceps - chin ups
    biceps - barbell curls
    triceps - close grip bench
    triceps - weighted dips

    for cutting, what i suggested earlier would hit each part of the muscle pretty good. for arm mass, its all about how much weight you can throw down. though i will add, without the "W" bar thingy or underhand tricep pull down (bad on my wrists), you will not get the horseshoe.

  5. yea beenw anting to hit the bottom part of the tri's and dont know really what exercise that is to do.. i kinda got a horshoe but i feel my bottom tri issnt all that strong.

  6. i think anything with a parallel grip will hit the long part of the tricep - be it dips, or tricep pull downs with the D shaped handles. with the tri's it seems to always be about the grip. the rope thingy also helped get the bumps at the bottom of the tricep nearing the elbow.

  7. have you thought about supersetting your bi/tris?

    This is what my current arms regime is looking like:

    narrow-grip bench with bb curl (10,10 reps, 120sec rest x 3)

    skull-crushers with double-arm bd curls (same reps etc)

    cable push-downs with double-arm db hammer (same reps etc)

    The intensity is high for this regime - while mine is more for bulking, you should be able to tweak it for your requirements

    Good Luck!!

  8. nice thank yall for the help it helps alot and now im taking both yall methods and kinda incorporating both..=P cause i cant decide on the 2 haha. yea i can never make my mind, and when i cant and if possible i just either do both or buy both..=P im a do the superset to get the intesity hhigh but with low weight and high rep.. maybe like 7 sets of 12 reps with bi and tri. and see how that feels. i like the reverese grip with W grip give that a try as well and the D grip also for one arm right? its morning now and im heading to the gym to finish my exercise..

    one last questiuon im doing arms on sunday, usualy i hit chest on monday, but i also usually hit arms by thursday but work didnt allow me to do so.. so what u think i should do wait till like tuesday or wednesday to hit chest and maybe do a different body part?

  9. the D bar is about your shoulder width wide - looks like:


    i've noticed that this movement is very similar to dips in the sense that the grip is very similar, and because of that, and the amount of strength the tricep has here, i can do 10 pounds more on this movement than on the ^ shaped bar.

  10. lol.. well i got back from gym plus just got home cause i havnt had a chance to get home all dyay till now and its 11:30 eastern, tired as hell.. im laughing cause i thought D bar for tri, was a lil handle so i can do tri pull down one arm at a time. now i know.. but i'll put the workout i did for bi and tri tomarrow morning. i left numbers in car and im lazy right now..=/ but it went well. and i was sweating and what a pump.. thanx yall.. was exellent


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