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  1. Best of Both Worlds

    Hello everyone,

    I'm fairly new to these boards, but I've definitely learned alot in the little time I've spent here, and I would like to start with an advanced "thank you" for all the information you guys provide.

    I'm 20 years old, currently 5'10" 165 lbs ~12% body fat (But I think its more, I've been trying to use those stupid online body fat % calculators. My jean size is 32" waist to give an idea...)

    I've been trying to lean out as much as possible to get rid of unwanted fat (that seems to accumulate mostly on my chest, sides/lovehandles~the whole "tire around the waist" look, and back). My routine for this has been running 5-6 times a week on the treadmill for 30-40 min.

    At the same time, I've been trying to add small amounts of mass to my muscles to try and accentuate how cut my physique looks. I've been lifting 4 times a week, generally combining two muscle groups together (back/bis, chest/tris, shoulders/legs, abs,calves,and obliques after every workout). I try to change it up between light/heavy workouts just to make sure my muscles are always getting shocked.

    For the first month (I started when school got out) I was making amazing gains, I lost most of the fat that I gained during spring semester and I was definitely noticing muscle growth and accentuation. Recently, however, I feel like I've definitely hit a plateau and I just don't seem to be making any gains in either the fat loss or muscle growth departments.

    So now, after that very long and up till now seemingly pointless shpeel of question is, can I continue to make gains in both fat loss / muscle growth? Or do I need to sacrafice one in order to fully excel in the other? I'm nowhere near the physique I want, and I realize that I'm on a lifelong journey with no real end to it, but I definitely want to lean up a bit more before fall semester starts (4 weeks), and definitely lean up before our first major party of Fall Semester (8-10 weeks given when we get our permit).

    Should I just stop lifting heavy and focus on doing more cardio? How would you suggest I alter my training/diet/living routine?
    My diet generally goes like this:

    10:00 (Wake up): Oatmeal,banana,cup of milk and/or whey protein

    --10:30 Go to the gym, lift and run

    12:00: whey protein while making lunch

    12:30: Lunch. Either: Lean red meat, salmon or tuna, or chicken breast, and some brown rice, and either mixed vegetables or a salad.

    3:00: some low fat yogurt and grains/nuts

    5:00: Protein Shake

    7:00: Dinner. See Lunch.

    8:00: A few table spoons of peanut butter, maybe some nuts and grains and a banana/other piece of misc. fruit that I find

    9:00 and On I try not to eat anything. Sometimes if I feel that rumbly stomach feeling I eat some yogurt or cottage cheese (esp. before bed b/c of the casein protein).

    Generally bed by 12:00 or 1:00. Bad habit of sleeping late, I know, hopefully it gets fixed once school starts .

    If needed I can post up a picture of what I look tomorrow late at night (I'm out of town right now, no cell phone haha).

    So for anyone who has the patience to read through this, any feedback, information, diet info, and dumb blonde jokes, your time is greatly appreciated.

    Any other info you need, I'll be checking back FAR more often than regularly. Canada is ****ing boring.

  2. First off,DO NOT GIVE UP WEIGHT TRAINING. Cardio is an essential part of loosing those extra pounds but weight training gives you more bang for your buck. When you lift weights not only are you giving your body a cardio workout you are adding lean mass. Lean mass uses more energy than fat does. The more lean mass you have the more calories you are burning at rest.

    I would also change your workout. Alternating between light and heavy days is good but it sounds like it isn't quite enough to get through that plateau. Look at changing variables such as volume,reps,number of sets,and tempo. I always try to change my routine as much as possible each month.

    Sleeping late isn't that bad. I get up at noon everyday because I'm a server and my restaurant is only open at night. I've got blankets covering all my windows in my room so I can sleep without the sun bothering me.

  3. Morning -
    Afternoon -

    I've never seen fat come off from people so fast, and that is no joke. The last Crossfit gym I trained at was 50/50 males/females, and the majority of the females were over 30. Some of the girls would whoop some serious ass against a good portion of this board... they have become some serious athletes.

    You might not be interested in becoming a Crossfitter, but at least check out the training. Especially the first one, Crossfit Endurance (running). The night before they post what you are going to do the next day, so its always a fun suprise. Secondly, they provide an excellent mix of training that will keep your body adapting... and overcoming! Makes running a whole lot more enjoyable with the mixups.

  4. Thanks for the comments and the info, I'll definitely be checking that crossfitting program out!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kenav View Post
    Thanks for the comments and the info, I'll definitely be checking that crossfitting program out!
    Never know, you might fall in love with it like I did! PM me with any questions you have about the program.. I love talking Crossfit. BECOME THE ATHLETE!!!

  6. Shot you a PM =)


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