Poll: Do you have a workout partner?

How many people workout with a partner?

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  1. How many people workout with a partner?

    I'd like to have a workout partner sometimes because it really helps to have a good spotter sometimes. I hate asking people to spot me at the gym. I feel like I'm annoying them and half the time they don't know how to spot at all. Sometimes though I just find it easier to put my headphones in and zone out.

  2. Fukc that, solo is where it's at.
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  3. ^ Troof

  4. I prefer solo everyday except chest day. I get more intensity when I dont have to talk to anyone.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    half the time they don't know how to spot at all.

    easier to put my headphones in and zone out.
    Those are my reasons for not having a training partner. In addition to that, i've never found anyone whose willing to keep up with me. Im not saying im the most intense iron jungle lion out there, but most people i've gotten to go to the gym with me start wearing out when im just crankn it up.

  6. I have the best of both worlds. I train with a trainer and she tells me what I need to know and then steps out of the way and lets me do it. She does not talk to me while I'm lifting and if I need a spot she watches me hit failure and quietly walks up and spots me to the finish.

  7. I was foolish and bought a membership to a "healthclub" style workout place for the summer since it was close. Spotters there consist of, "hey so yeah at work today there was this______(insert lameass mundane job talk no one cares about)." These spotters are more of a detriment than anything since they just shoot the breeze while I'm like "Get out of my way jackass so I can do my crap and get out of here." And the normal person doesn't have a clue how to spot it seems like. Usually I pray I run into a friend on chest day, other than that, no dice.

    Wish I had a lifting partner though. Lot easier at school and with fball. Over Christmas I'm hitting up this hole in the wall joint that looks like it's been around for 50 years that replaces flat screen tv's with barrels of powder. yeehaw.
  8. yeah right

    I basically fired my last partner.

    I have only had 1 good lifting partner in my life......He weighed 240 at the time and i couldnt lift the same.......

    My last 3 have been losers............missing days, not wanting to do legs,

    I just get in my groove and tune the BS out. Lift and get out.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    Fukc that, solo is where it's at.
    I agree 100%! I'm my own motivator!
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  10. i trained alone forever until i meet that homo clipse. sometimes it just seems that we are just in the gym together doing the same workout cause we rarely talk to each other using hand signals for adding weight and only really spot each other on our last sets of heavy pressing movements!

    this is a toss up for me, but having someone one the same page as you has greatly helped me out but our schedules are different so we train half together and half alone!

  11. I used to train solo as well, went thru probly 3 or 4 people who just didnt wanna train, couldnt keep up, etc etc. I do beleive that having a partner with the same love for working out, same intensity, etc is a great thing to have.

    Like Raging said we workout togethor but a lot of the time were doing other things along with our main workout. We dont need to talk to get **** done and we kill it, week in and week out.

    So im voting for a partner on this one, its helped me push to new limits and better approach my training and everything along with it!
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  12. SOLO!!!! my partner is a power rack

  13. Quote Originally Posted by satyricon View Post
    SOLO!!!! my partner is a power rack

    I normally lift solo but I have one guy who is great to workout with my strength age and experience... and we both have same goals

  14. Solo all the way man. Pop in my head phones, music gets me pumped, and then forget the mindless drones around me. The only partner i use is weights, and thats all you need.

  15. none of my "associates" have even similar goals so im solo.

  16. I have lifted alone for the past 7 years or so. Tuesday this kid I always see at the gym asked if he could workout with me. He's a young guy, but he's pretty strong, and he always seems to work hard. Turns out his partner moved to NC. I told him my split, and he wants to start training with me. So today'll be our first full day working out together. We'll see. I've gotten really used to the solo thing, but if I can benefit from this maybe it'll be a good change. If not, I'm gonna have to send him off. I'm not against lifting with someone else, but I generally play by my own rules and do my own thing, so if it's gonna hold me back - adios, my friend.

  17. For ten year's I've trained alone. I'm a full time firefighter and because of the 24/48 shift it's tough to get someone on the same split. This summer I started training with my wife. Since doing that, I've had some of the best workouts ever. She hates to spend a long time in the gym, so the workouts that normally took me around an hour and a half now take an hour. I get much less rest between sets. Also, when I go heavy and want to do some assisted reps past failure, she is unable to take over a lift like some male spotters would do. She trains with more intensity than 90% of the guys in the gym. On the sappy side, we've gotten closer in our marriage since we started training together.

    In fact, I've started a log on here for showing our workouts.

  18. I wish I had a workout partner. I always felt like I had better pace and a better workout when I lifted with someone.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by satyricon View Post
    SOLO!!!! my partner is a power rack
    X2 you beat me to it.

  20. I work out with a partner like 90% of the time, but if schedules allowed it would be all the time. It helps to have some friendly competition, as well as a reliable spotter you know you can trust. Also on days when I don't really feel like working out, I have a commitment to be there for my partner even if I don't feel like it, so personally it helps me a lot.

  21. i superset wayyyy to fast to have someone following me around..lol...

  22. haha...

    it probably sounds fkuced up, but i ignore my friends calls/texts when they want to go to the gym..... mostly becuz when i go with them all they do is bittch and say they wanna hit the sauna.

    solo is so much better

  23. I train 2x week with a trainer, 1x by myself.

    A trainer is different to training with someone else, as his focus is on you (or should be). Can assist with forced reps, spotting etc - this is good when you've got some areas you need to work on.

    When I train by myself Im in the zone - don't make eye contact or chat. Don't offer help just do my thing.

  24. I have a partner who enables me to train alot harder than I would by myself, by spotting me, emotional abuse and competition.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by DreamOfWeight View Post
    i superset wayyyy to fast to have someone following me around..lol...
    wish you were in nor cal brotha. thats all i've done for the past year, with the best results possible.


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