Poll: Do you have a workout partner?

How many people workout with a partner?

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  1. No partner for me, I train to early for most people.


  2. i normally work out solo when I'm at college but i prefer a partner for the simple aspect of more motivation

  3. Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post
    Those are my reasons for not having a training partner. In addition to that, i've never found anyone whose willing to keep up with me. Im not saying im the most intense iron jungle lion out there, but most people i've gotten to go to the gym with me start wearing out when im just crankn it up.
    I'm in that situation right now

  4. In all the years I have been lifting, I have had two workout partners that actually knew what they were doing or really worked out. Others would say that they want to work out, then they don't show up, or always have some excuse. Now I workout alone, I don't really like it, but I am a self motivator so I am making good progress. I really only miss them when I want to go heavy and have to look around like a fool for someone to spot me. One time I asked this guy to spot me on the bench... first of all he put his nuts right over my damn head.. so I had to tell him to back up. Then he takes the weight right out my damn hand instead of just "riding" with me. Then a damn bead of sweat dropped on my forehead so that just killed my set. Now I hide from him, cause he always wants to come and talk to me.

  5. i think ipods are a great training partner, if the real thing isnt available. but you need someone who is equal if not alittle better than you. no one likes to baby sit

  6. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    My husband is my spotter.
    this and a tax break are the only reasons for marriage.

    My workout partner shares my goals. We compete together-in the same class so we are constantly trying to surpass eachother. Never had as many kick ass workouts as I do now having a partner.

  7. Solo, thought I did work out with friends in college.

    Now I find that working out solo is a lot easier, and I don't waste as much time. My workouts take half as much time and I'm sure I do way more exercises. All I need is my mp3 player and bottle of water.

  8. dude i go through workout partners like ....... like i dunno but i go through a lot its ridiculous, and nobody gets serious about it like i do, but really unless they can stay consistent with u its no good, and they gotta do all the same workouts and stuff or its worthless anyways... and i don't wait on people either, when i wanna workout i go, and i'm not gonna be rushed to go, so we have to be on the exact time schedule which would never happen lol... it is cool to have a spotter sometimes though

  9. i'm able to zone in, focus and do the work much better solo...hate having that "spell" broken by someone's blabla.....plus, solo i'm in and out in 45 mins...

  10. i work out with my twin brother, who happens to be just a tad stronger than me. Nevertheless he makes a good workout partner.


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