Poll: Do you have a workout partner?

How many people workout with a partner?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    wish you were in nor cal brotha. thats all i've done for the past year, with the best results possible.

    yaa!! ive been on my routine for around 8 months..if i ever visit ill be sure to send u a pm! i almost went to LA last month but decided to buy a handgun! (lol, im from texas) ive been seeing good results as well though... i really havent increased strengh.. but my cuts are getting really deep, and muscle seperation is sooooo much more defined..

  2. everyone i know goes to 24, i have LA Fit.. so i really dont have a choice
    met a few guys at the gym and now my workouts have extended to almost 1 hr 30 to4 5 mins instead of an hour because they want to talk and socialize..
    i prefer solo except once a week when i go with pops to the gym and then i know i have a spotter i can trust, i have seen guys ask around the gym for spotters and have them drop weight on them, id rather go with someone i trust
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  3. SOLO+headphones= 2-3hours... my friends try to hang, but they just cant get outa bed the next day

  4. Solo for me as well. I have tried a few partners but they don't show or complain/talk too dam much. Besides no one motivates me like I do.

  5. i recently found out i get a better workout solo because no distractions and no slowing down and i depend on myself to lift the weight.

  6. i've done both. right now i'm solo, but i don't mind asking someone for a spot. it just gets annoying that i have to explain to each new person not to be a typical bar molester that moves the weight for you while saying "that's all you! that's all you." just give me a lift if i ask, and let me do my thing after that.

  7. solo!!!!

  8. haha ya like i stated im love solo but i hate struggling on like a 15th rep ..last set...then halfway up i get stuck..... i always wink at someone and say, hey bud... lil help

  9. alone every time i tried going with a friend

    a) all they want to do is talk
    b)they never want to do cardio
    c)they mostly want to work on arms and do everything else half assed

  10. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    I have lifted alone for the past 7 years or so. Tuesday this kid I always see at the gym asked if he could workout with me. He's a young guy, but he's pretty strong, and he always seems to work hard. Turns out his partner moved to NC. I told him my split, and he wants to start training with me. So today'll be our first full day working out together. We'll see. I've gotten really used to the solo thing, but if I can benefit from this maybe it'll be a good change. If not, I'm gonna have to send him off. I'm not against lifting with someone else, but I generally play by my own rules and do my own thing, so if it's gonna hold me back - adios, my friend.
    This lasted about 2 weeks. I just feel so much better and in complete control of things when I'm working out on my own.

  11. Get in the gym, bang out a hard workout and keep it movin',... solo!!! I tried the partner thing and as someone said earlier, they never want to do cardio. I fell into a lapse myself and have put on some pounds.

  12. I can't remember where I heard it, "Bodybuilding is not a team sport."

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ErichSchmidt View Post
    I can't remember where I heard it, "Bodybuilding is not a team sport."
    it use to be... not anymore..

  14. every partner i ever had quits on me after leg day, or they take a week off and come back till next leg day and leave for a week again.

  15. No partner here.

    I used to, but since then I have learned the benefits of not training to complete failure (so no spotter leaded). In my opinion, if you neeedd a spot to finish the rep, you didn't really do the rep.

    Plus I have never found a reliable partner, or one who didn't want to talk the whole time.

    I wouldn't mind having a partner to do some cardio though. Like pushing cars or some sandbag work or something. I'd look like a tard pushing a car or running around with a sandbag myself.

  16. If I was able to find a partner to train with that actually stuck it out with me, week after week, month after month, then I would definitely take one. But I have yet to find someone who is willing to do that with me. Usually I train with a new partner for about a week's time, and by week 3 they end up taking a day off here and there at first, complaining about soreness, or something else dumb, eventually they stop coming all together.

    I need a hardcore lifter to join me in my DC training!!! I need someone who will hit the gym consistently, never missing a workout for dumb reasons!

  17. I have someone spot me on heavy reps of 2 or 3, bit thats about it. usually I get someone that I am friends with to do it so they know how to spot me due to them having done it before...

    safety is a virtue, its hard to build muscle when you have fractured bones.

    but as for working out in teams? I hate that...I also can't stand when someone is like 'can I work in with ya' ...
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    This lasted about 2 weeks. I just feel so much better and in complete control of things when I'm working out on my own.

    I hate working out with people who really don't know what they are doing. I worked out with a guy for about a week and he wanted to workout chest 3 times a week. Hit the road Jack!

  19. I have a crazy schedule with working 24 hour shifts at the fire house. I normally workout at the gym with 2 other guys. One good friend who is 160 pounder that is strong as **** for his size and always motivated. The other a retired firefighter is 61 years young and I do mean young. He is an animal, especially for his age. He was part of a local powerlifting team in his 40's and has all kinds of experience and good advice...Some how he keeps up with all the 20 somethings in the gym......

  20. My husband is my spotter.

  21. I just started to work out with a guy in my college gym and it's pretty good so far, since we have the same goals and we both know how to ****ing spot. I hate people who just lift the frigging bar of you instead of GENTLY helping you past the point where you can't do your last reps.

    If they prove to be more of a hassle, I'd rather workout alone.
  22. 84bandit
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    i see it two ways, i worked out with a guy for 6 months who was a little stronger than me, and the competition drove me hard. i lifted to beat him, not just myself. he moved to college, and since then i have had 4 lifting partners. and they have all quit at one point or another, excpet one, but he doesnt lift much, but he is a decent spotter, and does try to motivate me to work. but i usually roll solo.

  23. i'd like to have a partner for spotting me but mostly i lift alone at home.

  24. I dont have a training partner. I would like one to spot me in the gym etc, but mostly to help me with diet and such outside of the gym. Keep each other contantly cooking good meals etc.

  25. Solo is the way to go. I go sometimes with a buddy but we don't do the same muscle groups that day... which is the way to go... that way you guys don't talk and get distracted but when you need a spot you have someone you can trust. Having a spotter I don't trust always Fs me up.


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