any body tried DC training?

  1. any body tried DC training?

    quick question about DC training. have you seen more positive results from DC than regular training (with appropriate compound movements)? my question is to anyone who has tried this, but ECTO's that are on DC please respond (since i am one too). please also tell me your body shape (ecto, meso, endo). i bought the training video awhile back, and have used a lot of his principals, but thats as far as i got (fairly good results). also, i'm still gaining weight, though slow, and go up in weights on most of my routines every month. is it worth switching over?

  2. There is a big thread in the Exercise Science section called "Anything & Everything DC" or something like that...should be on the first page. Those guys seem to know there stuff, so you'll probably get a good reply there. I'd try to answer, but I'm still holding off on my first run with DC for a couple of months.

  3. will do cynic - thanks for the input

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