Off season training

  1. Off season training

    Trying to bring out my weak areas before I compete again and wanted to know if anyone could help with a split and training program. i'm ecto so i dont do 2 a days due to overtrain, weak areas are Chest cant develop upper pecs looks like tits lol, Arms cant get them to grow tri shape well but inner head cant bring it out in size, Front Delts cant put anysize on them, i look small from the front, and of course Calfs i think thats very much genetic. Didnt know if I should do them at the beginning of the weak and focus hard on them, Legs developed great 22 to 26 over 4months and back amazing so wide lats are crazy just want to be symetrical. I probobly trained the hardest on those days too. Any advice would be great

  2. all weak point training in my opinion should not only be at the beginning of the week when you're fresh, but should be at the beginning of your workout - train front delts before training the rest of your delts, or train calves before your legs - it helps insure you are training them the hardest since you're fresher.

    forgive my ignorance, based on my avatar, where is the inner head of the tricep?

    for the long head - middle of my arm going to my elbows, i do dips (weighted). to start the horseshoe at the top, i use the ^ shaped bar. to tie them in together, i'd use a rope. for the back part (far left), i use the bar shaped like a "W" with an underhand outside grip. the weird striations in the middle, i only get when i dip below 10% body fat. hope that helps.

    p.s. my calves suck, so someone else give him ideas.

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