Thermogum not listed

  1. Thermogum not listed

    Something I noticed is when you in the company forums and look at the company forums list above it listed all the other compaines but not thermogum.

    You should be added so folks can find you easy or tell me to mind my own business lol

  2. They are the third listed from the bottom. Alphabetical order, if that helps.

  3. They arent listed . Be in any company forum and look above the threads. It lists all the companies.

    Last row is
    PES New
    Primordial Performance
    Purus Labs
    Serious Nutrition Solutions
    TruNutrition Sciences New
    USP Labs

  4. I see what you're saying now... Looks like Thermo isn't the only one missing though. It might be a 'purchased space'. Not sure so I'll ask.

  5. Noticed its listed today

    Excellent !!



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