The Best Thing About Us Is Our Location!

  1. The Best Thing About Us Is Our Location!

    One of the great things about our location is that our main distributor is located just 10 miles away from our store. What's this mean to you, the customer? It means that we are rarely out of any product that we sale. The only way we are out is because the distributor is out. We get daily updates of product availability to stay one step ahead of the game. If any product is not in stock you will be notified immediately, which is rare. If we have to, we will purchase from another store and have it shipped to you at no extra costs.

  2. That's a pretty solid business platform. Also nice to see you around on the boards. One of the things AM is famous for. Having direct communication with the sponsors.

  3. Now you know what I mean by location. My distributor got the Halodrol in today and we picked them up this afternoon. It gets no better than that.

  4. A little better. I could get a free 3 months supply of every product shipped

  5. Thought this was going to have pics of the sorority house next door or something.

  6. I wish!!


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