What would you like to see Taurus make next??

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    There is a reason why that has not been tapped.
    Going to be part of a new LG line/product?

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    Going to be part of a new LG line/product?
    I don't think

  3. LTL a rep......
    or this
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    Taurus should make a delta 2clone.

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    LTL a rep......
    or this

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  5. I'd like to see a Prostate support supplement. There are a ton out there now but none from any bodybuilding type company. I started a thread asking about these but only got one response so far.

  6. Interesting...thats a pretty good idea


  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    I'd like to see a Prostate support supplement. There are a ton out there now but none from any bodybuilding type company. I started a thread asking about these but only got one response so far.
    Thats a great request .. people dont take prostate issue srsly .. main focus is always on liver/Bp .. main noobs will just buy liver support and then come here and complain lol

    Im up for prostate support over any other product too

  8. Actually what just came to mind from running 5aOHP, I had added in 4-AD staggered to end later and once I came off 5aOHP, my nipples started to get sensitive. Of course I then remembered that it has 7,8 benz and converts to an AI, so was curious....

    What about a liquid based AI like 7,8 benz or other thats cheap (at least for the amount of AI) and as a liquid, VERY easy to adjust for running with cycles with 4-AD or simply just to dry up a wet cycle like the ATD added to pBold. Sounds like it would simple enough to make and Taurus would be in a good position to do so.

  9. I would like to see a true n-methyl d-aspartate product; the stuff exists and its awesome, but nobody makes it. i discount the muscle warfare "nmda" product because the it scarcely containes a minute amount amidst the tiny proprietary bunch of miligrams its listed in. you know they skimped because they felt obliged to also add the very poorly absorbed d-aspartic acid. also, theres all this other jive in there (a laxative magnesium for example) and so much other stuff that the product should totally be called something else. hey, the reviewers at nutraplanet agree the stuff sucks d-aspartic acid, on the other hand, is very popular, but due to its poor absorbtion, it comes with side effects such as diarrhea; someone attempted to get around this by creating a calcium chleate version, but its like 50, % daily value of calcium per serving and you still have to hope you can one day transform it into nmda; all the while, nmda is out there and no being sold anywhere; cant even get the bulk; man would i like to drop a gram of that stuff per dose.

    also, i like to see somebody do a prolensis (standardized bulbine natalensis) product some justice. i'll be the first to tell you the stuff works, and it shouldnt be expensive, but everybody out there has this weird thing about adding vitamin D and caffeine to the mix; alot of people dont want caffeine in their supplement, because its in everything else already, not to mention in coffee, soda ect; im partial to the theory that cortisol does result in muscle wasting, jitters suck, and its a bad idea to stress the arenals needlessl with caffeine. also, i didnt like how tropinol added the vitamin d; my calcium levels are pretty high from all that whey protien; it doesnt take alot of supplemental vitamin to get me pissing all day (hypercalcemia). i suspect these ingredients were added to seemingly justify a large pricetag, which people would pay if they knew what prolensis could do, but i also feel this stuff could probably be put out cheap and could beco me insanely popular; nutraplanetis always sold out of pytoserms 347. there has got to be some competition.

    finally, id like to see lyposomal delivery used more often; take a look at a product called nitrox softgel by scifit; for those of you who dont know, lyposomal delivery will render any ingredient encased into 98% absorbed, as the body thinks its eating phospholipids which rupture in the bloodstream releasing the ingredients. ive seen guys taking 10g daily of lyposomal c with no digestive issues who couldnt tolerate a gram of ester c. also, its lipid structure actually drives the ingredients directly into cells. its the wave of the future and hardly any manuacturers are riding it; what could be better: you sell less product to a customer who is guaranteed to the intended result, if not a result far beyond anything achieved with supplements that have been destroyed by stomach acid, poorly absorbed, or poorly assimulated.

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    Personally with recent experimentation I think agmatine added to wyked would make it even better! Love wyked, great taste, clean energy and focus in the gym.


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