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    Here are a few of the Pbold reviews!!




    Chest: 46.5"
    Shoulders: 52"
    Neck: 19"
    Thighs: 23.5"
    Glutes: 41"
    Calves: 17.25"
    Left Bicep: 16.25"
    Right Bicep: 16.5"

    Weight: 207-210 lbs

    Bodyfat %: 11%


    Chest: 47.5" +1"
    Shoulders: 53.5" +1.5"
    Neck: 19"
    Thighs: 24.5" +1"
    Glutes: 42" +1"
    Calves: 17.5" +.5"
    Right bicep: 16.5" (no change)
    Left bicep: 16.25" (no change)

    Weight: 219 lbs +9-12 lbs

    Bodyfat %: 12.5% ++1-1.5%

    Final thoughts:

    Well when I first started P-Bold, it was brand new to the market and I was one of the first to test it out. It was initially thought to be a straight up wet bulker, but later was shown to be not so wet, containing ATD it actually blocked a little bit of estrogen conversion, which in turn provided for drier than expected gains.
    I was aiming for 5k calories most days, and I stuck to my "bulking" plan throughout the full 8 weeks on this. I ended up running through 4 bottles. My first bottle I ran 4-6mL/day for about 3 weeks total I believe, second bottle I bumped up to 8mL til it was gone, and then I ended up bumping to 10mL and then 12mL with the last two bottles.
    In all honesty I felt the same effects strength/vascularity wise from 8mL that I did with 10-12mL. Perhaps running at 10mL for the duration of cycle may have shown some different results, but this compound seems to have a "built up" effect. It's not like Superdrol where you can just jump on at 30mg/day and add 10 lbs in the first week. Going full dose at the beginning of a cycle with P-Bold probably wouldn't make much of a difference. I'm sure it would make some but not a huge difference, as the original Bold also was shown to have a kind of built up effect to it as well.

    My favorite thing about this cycle was the strength gains I was seeing. Seemed like every single workout I was adding 5-10 and sometimes even 20 lbs to my lifts, sticking with a 5x5 routine for the length of the cycle.

    Strength: Very noticeable, one of the main highlights of this compound for myself, and looking at the logs, it was the same for others.

    Vascularity: No doubt, definitely noticeable.

    Appetite: Saw an increase in appetite.

    Mass gains: They were there, but it was not the highlight for me. If I were to have eaten barely above maintenance on this, I feel like it would be an awesome recomp compound.

    Sense of well being: I don't really think I saw much in this department. There were days when I felt invincible but working shift work it's really hard to assess something like this. One thing that was noticeable though was an "adrenal rush" feeling about 20-30 minutes after dosing P-Bold. I would recommend one of your doses be as close as possible to your workout.

    Closing thoughts...
    P-Bold definitely seems like one of those compounds that has built up benefits, and needs to be run for a longer cycle duration. I think it would be great to see someone kickstart this with a strong methyl for an all out bulk without much fat gain. I also think it would be great to see someone run a straight up cut with this, running at 6-8mL/day for 6-8 weeks, I feel like eating at maintenance cals and doing this would be a pretty awesome cut.

    Would I run this again?
    I think I would. If I can only have the ATD version, it would have to be my base in a bulk, kicked with a stronger compound. I would use the P-Bold to minimize fat gains and solidify/add strength throughout the cycle. If I can get ahold of a P-Bold without ATD I would be all over it for a solo bulk in the future.

    P-Bold is yet another successful PH for Taurus, props to you guys and thanks so much for allowing me to use this! It was a blast!

    Anything I might have forgot to mention or you would like to know more about, ask here or PM me!!!


    Final Review:

    I've said though out this log that I'm really liking this PH. First I will say that it did take a couple days to really kick in for me. But durring the second week I full on in a great PH state.

    And also beleve me you need to get you cals up so you can really build some good size. I put my daily food cals up around 3100+ cals to help control my size. If you really drop your cals during this run you will feel really tired.

    My size really did go up my arms have been comented on my family and couple of friends.

    So I do see in the future another run of PBold.

    Taste = 9/10 I did enjoy the flavor got to say it kinda tasted like berries. But allround it was good.

    Mixablity = X/10 This is not really for this type of supplement but even if I took PBold soon before food it didn't mess with the flavor of my food.

    Side Effects = 10/10 None that I can feel or see that didn't involve me getting more CALs in my diet.

    Energy = 10/10 Keeped me going at the gym the whole time I was there, just made everything really easy, felt like I could keep going even tho I personal was getting tired.

    Final = 9/10 Wow great product guys, at first I felt like PBold was not kicking in for me but then bam weights were just not to heavy for me so I just kept moving up in weights.

    Thanks again for another great product Taurus Nutrition no problems with this one!



    Again, BIG thanks to Taurus & all it's rep's for letting me run this, and for all their continued support throughout this run..
    I want to give this another go. I'm thinking next time I'll run it at a higher dose and maybe run it w/ something like SD. Maybe keep both down to a 3 week run. Stacking w/ 5a OHP would be nice too!

    Because I changed my workout during this run, I don't have solid numbers, but I know for a fact that my strength continued to increase. Had it not been for my headache yesterday, I think I could have gone quite a bit heavier on the squats and rows. I'll test that theory on Tuesday morning. (working days this weekend).

    Weight went up to 177 at it's highest point. I started @ 172. I've since cut out a lot of carbs, & it's showing on the scale. Though I've dropped a few lbs, I feel like I've still gotten a little wider up top. I can feel it in my shirts for sure. My delts look and feel bigger. My tri's & lats absorbed up every bit of the P-Bold as well!

    Early on, I developed some soreness/tenderness in my right nipple. I never really "saw" anything, but could definitely feel it. I was told to leave it alone, so I did. As I'm typing this, I had to at least feel it for my review. I guess the no touching thing worked! It's not gone, but it's definitely a lot better. Not sure what went on in my body when it flared up, but it's much, much better now.

    Energy & fatigue: The energy was always there! From waking up, till hitting the sack. I don't think I ever felt fatigued throughout this whole run.

    Appetite - WAY UP!! Damn, I could never eat enough on this run. My wife said Taurus cost her a bigger grocery bill!!

    Physical appearance - I'd say I can see a difference up top. The vascularity stayed about the same - out there! My thighs also responded well, and I think may have increased a little bit in size as well. I can see a little more separation (striations) in the quads, along w/ more veins.

    Overall, I'll say this again. Taurus did a great job w/ this one! Dosing this a little higher might prove to be even more beneficial to most people out there.

  2. Great stuff! We will get these on the web site!

  3. Sweet. These reviews were great!


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Taurus Nut.
    Great stuff! We will get these on the web site!
    Thanks for allowing me to give this stuff a go
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  5. So this would be an alernative to some1 who loved the good old (eq-bold caps) ??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis View Post
    So this would be an alernative to some1 who loved the good old (eq-bold caps) ??
    Given the name and the gains, I would assume so.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. What dosages were these run at ?
    And can it be run for 8weeks ?
    how many bottles needed for it ? I'd like equivalent of 800mg/day of eq

  8. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis
    What dosages were these run at ?
    And can it be run for 8weeks ?
    how many bottles needed for it ? I'd like equivalent of 800mg/day of eq
    4-8ml a day with dosing adjustment as per the person. Yes. Depends on how high a dosage you wanted to use, 4-8 would last you around a month or less per bottle. Not sure you will find an equivalency standard to bold for it, but based on the user feedback the aformentioned dosing is given equivalent like gains.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. grimace to the rescue....wait..wher did you come from???lol




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