Taurus Big K Passed Away

  1. Taurus Big K Passed Away

    Sorry to say that TaurusBigK has passed away. Just to close the loop on this. He had a lot of personal demons and that's why he was so bad at getting back to people and following though with everything. I tried to help him but I guess it just wasn't enough. I don't have details on how he died and it doesn't matter because no one knows him but just so you know there are real people with real problems behind these screen names and I think maybe we all need to remember that...including me

  2. Terrible to hear Eric. This is a lesson that we all can learn from. Even in the realm of the glorious internet with the fancy screen names and "uber" avatars there are still people behind these things. That tends to get lost on a lot of people here on the board. I'm sorry and saddened by his loss. My thoughts go out to his family and you, as I'm sure this effects you to a great deal as well.
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  3. Sorry to hear, my thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

  4. Very sorry to hear that

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  5. Very sorry to hear about this. My prayers will be with his family.

  6. Sorry to hear this. The retail business is rough. Owning a small one is a challenge.

    My prayers are with his family. Thanks for letting us know.
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  7. Sorry to hear. Didn't always agree with some of his actions, but we are all people behind the screennames as others mentioned. Sorry for your loss.
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  8. sorry to hear this, may peace be with his family

  9. sorry to hear about the loss .. rip big K

  10. Sorry to hear this.. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family

  11. wow sorry to hear, my prayers go out to him and his family.
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  12. I am sorry to hear this. My prayers go out to his family/friends.
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  13. Wow that really is too bad. I'm sorry to hear of this news...
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  14. Awful news, Very sorry to hear this.
  15. May the Lord be with him!

    He, His family and His friends will be in my prayers.

    "The Prayer Of Heaven"

    My God, I adore You and I love You!
    Through the hands of the Madonna, with Your grace and help I accept from You, O Lord, at the unexpected hour any kind of death as it will please You to send me, and I ask of You the grace not to have fear of death. Please forgive all of my sins.
    I accept my death in union with the Sacrifice that You, O Jesus, High and Eternal Priest, Yourself made on the Cross and that now You renew on many Altars. I intend to offer to You my death in the spirit of the Holy Masses which at that moment will be celebrated and I offer You Your infinite merits to pay for my sins and the penalty of Purgatory.
    Saved by Your Blood, through Your merits and those of Your Mother I ask You the same mercy granted to the Good Thief, namely the grace to enter immediately with You into Paradise and to have immediately the perfect Beatific Vision of God. Amen.
    I thank You, my Jesus!

  16. Damn rip
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  17. It is truly a humbling time when someone close dies. Even though most of us didn't know him, look how many he has touched just on this forum. He will be missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  18. This is truly humbling to hear about this loss while not everyone agreed with everything that happened you have to remember this is someone behind the name who will be missed by family and friends.
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    That's horrible to hear. My prayers will definitely be with his family.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  20. That's very sad. My prayers go out to his family and freinds.

  21. Thoughts and prayers with his family.

  22. Terrible.........

  23. Sad news indeed. Will keep his family in prayers.
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  24. That is very sad to hear. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
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