7-KE Spray Label Typo

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    7-KE Spray Label Typo

    To address the issue, another typo slipped through. The people manufacturing the 7-KE didn't notice the typo. We had up on the site the correct amounts per 6 sprays the whole time. Sorry about the confusion but typo's happen to everyone.  Still if you ordered off the web site (the only place to order) you obviously know the amounts. Like it was pointed out 6g is impossible and I would assume anyone could figure that out.  We will post the updated label tomorrow and ship all new orders with an insert. Sorry guys, growing pains.

    Oh and BTW since 7-KE spray isn't a dietary supplement there is no need for a batch number. A date is sufficient for all cosmetic products.

    Sadly, people that mix the dietary supplement and cosmetic rules are at serious risk for selling an illegal product. We stick with the cosmetic rules since our product is a topical.  If other companies feel confident blurring the rules between dietary supplements and cosmetics, then that's their risk to take. Our product is for cosmetic use only.

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    Thanks for bringing it to the consumers attention.

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