Where to Get ingridients in canada?

  1. Where to Get ingridients in canada?

    Hi curt2go,
    I remember you posting a thread on how to get the ingridients to make a homebrew in Canada.
    I don't see it anymore, maybe i got deleted in the recent purge. If you still have to info can you post it for us fellow canucks ?

  2. I will try to track it down. But this sums it up,you just find a coumpounding pharmacy. There will be lots of them just ask any pharmacy they will know which ones are. Then you just ask them to get the chems for you.... If they ask what they are for just tell them for making candles or soap. But it does not matter they are not illegal. The dmso you get from www.dmso.ca . Get the 99% no water .... They are in Victoria.... And the powders all the good sorces are in the sorces sections. I don't have enough powders just to sell ythe powders sorry.....

    For the ISO you can get it at most drug stores,must be 99%,it may in the pharmacy behind the counter . Irf they ask you what it is for tell them its for washing electronic parts... It eat the flux off.... But go to little drug stores not like london drugs they require a business card usually.....

    Hope that helps.. Any other ??? just ask... Talk to ya ..
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