1. Glassware

    Anyone know where i could get the vials like liqusolutions uses. I'm making 50ml solution and need something like that. Later J

  2. I would like to know that myself.. I wonder if Hugh over at Sciensupply might start having them on hand.. hint hint

  3. I'll see if I can get someone to carry them...

    Most bros don't have connections to raw powders though so it may be a tough sell.


  4. Appreciate any help you can give. Until you talk to some people, Chemo do you have any idea's of an alternative? late J

  5. Appreicate it Chemo.. and you are right J, you never know that there is another way of doing things.. till someone shows you..

  6. jminis, hit me with a PM detailing what you putting together.


  7. Will do Chemo, thanks.

  8. yeah, I'm trying to find some screw top vials


  9. Originally posted by Truck 44
    yeah, I'm trying to find some screw top vials


  10. KC looked at that site for the sizes it's say's dram. How can I figure how much each can hold in (ml)?? later J

  11. Drams Ounces Ml/CC's
    1/4 1/32 .924
    1/3 1/24 1.232
    1/2 1/16 1.845
    1 1/8 3.697
    2 1/4 7.393
    3 3/8 11.090
    4 1/2 14.787
    6 3/4 22.180
    8 1 29.574

  12. sciensupply had 40ml screw top vials for $4 apiece
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