Where can the ingredients be purchased?

  1. Where can the ingredients be purchased?

    Can the ingredients for a homebrew only be purchased online or can they be bought at a store?

  2. Its all in the ingredients section. Any other questions dont hesitate to ask.. Talk to ..ya
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  3. Is there any sites out there that will accept money order due to me not having a credit card. Or in the U.S. any stores that I can buy them from I looked in the ingredients section and did not find anything to help me.

  4. Actually, it's not all in the ingredients section. I think c2g just got mixed up and meant the SOURCES section. The two posts to read are the sticky on Ingredients Sources and the bottom listed, "Getting Chems"... basically, in the US stores that carry the products are those which have pharmacies, Sam's Club, Walgreens, etc. Lemelange is a great choice for an online site. Not sure about the money order policy, but Melissa is a good person by most accounts and I'm sure you could email asking, if the policy isn't on the website.



    EDIT: A mod might want to give this a little push to the Sources Section

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