Stimerex-ES or MELTDOWN?

  1. Stimerex-ES or MELTDOWN?

    witch one is the best for fatlost ? Stimerex-ES or MELTDOWN?

  2. bump... :P

  3. get the meltdown, go to a drugstore and get bronkaid. take 2 meltdown and 1 bronkaid 2xday. if you want to go hardcore add a powerful and a psarm. kind of expensive at first but it will last a long time and results are remarkable. this stack has been thebigt approved. i am thebigt and i approve of this stack,lol.

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  4. Havent tried meltdown but stimerex es by high tech is the real deal. I was a cardio beast while taking it, highly recommended...

  5. meltdown was great ,but lipodrene was 10 times better for appetite supression ,and energy ,and good for droppin 5 pounds in one day. sorry never used stimerex ,but lipdrene was made by the same company.



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