ephedrine and mmv2 stack need advice

  1. ephedrine and mmv2 stack need advice

    I am trying to go on a cut these next few weeks doing cardio 3 times a week in the mornings. I am thinking of taking ephedrine/caffeine stack n then to top it all off to make sure I didn't eat up any hard gained muscle and increase fatloss I want to add a prohormone. I was going to go with something light such as methyl masterdrol v2 but one of the problems I might see is the added yohimbine.

    Will the yohimbine interfere with the ec stack?
    also if anyone has another prohormone suggestion that I should stack it with that is non-methyl please let me kno

  2. yohimbe isn't going to interfere it's just gonna make ur blood pressure too high along with the PH. try 3-ad and add some asprin in with the ephedrine and caffeine

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