What is currently the most effective cutting supplement?

  1. What is currently the most effective cutting supplement?

    I am looking to run a cutting cycle and am trying to find the right supplement. I have looked around the other posts and seen that Winztrol and 11-oxo are pretty decent but have seen mixed reviews. Just wondering if those are outdated posts or if there are any other good supplements. Thanks

  2. Use the search....

    But I have to go with ECA or DCP/Levi Reloaded

  3. Definitely steroids, too. Go there.

  4. Meth... seriously

  5. You've got mixed reviews from steroids? really?

  6. dude, ingredents act differnt per person just try both

    and as a good supplement imo use leviathan

  7. Goat piss. Luke warm is the best way to take it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    You've got mixed reviews from steroids? really?
    steroids + ****ty diet + poor exercise = mixed results

  9. imo 11-oxo + anabolic pump + recreate

  10. The two most effective cutting supplements out currently in my opinion are:

    Recreate - This is an elite fat burner which burns fat 23 different ways, regulates cortisol, and also helps to promote clean eating. Recreate is completely unique because it contains revolutionary and new ingredients, including Cir20x which stimulates lipolysis 20 times greater than caffeine.

    Anabolic Pump - Obviously when you`re on a cut, you want to lose as much fat as possible with keeping as much strength and muscle mass as possible. This is where Anabolic Pump comes in; it will help you to lose fat by inhibiting glucose uptake in fat cells and it also helps to release more fatty acids into the blood stream to be oxidized. It helps you to gain muscle because it super saturates your muscles with glucose and amino acids and this causes protein synthesis due to the increased cell volumization.

    Search the forums for reviews on these two products. You will see that they get a lot of good feedback.

  11. take some aminos/minerals during workout like intrabolic, follow it up with some Drive to help lean you out, and then possibly some neovar or anabolic pump to help with the carbs and you should see a very nice cutting cycle IMO

  12. Leviathon Reloaded is the best by far that I've done.
    Stacked with DCP and AP is intense.

  13. Anabolic Pump no doubt. Followed by either a fatburner with forskolin(i recommend Recreate) or DCP.
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  14. REDuction or leviathan
  15. Arrow

    ...oops wrong thread...

  16. Dcp is awesome, hardcore Shred Xs is awesome, Methyl Ripped is awesome, Leviathan Reloaded is awesome!
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