Poll: How many grams of creatine do you take a day?

How many grams of creatine do you take a day?

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  1. How many grams of creatine do you take a day?

    Right now I'm taking both Green Mag and SizeON together. About 2.5 Green Mag pre, 5g SizeOn during, and another 2.5 Green Mag post. 10G creatine total for me and EXCELLENT results doing this.

    What about you, how many grams of creatine do you take total a day at a maintenance level, non-loading?

  2. If you care, please post the timing of your dosing as well...

  3. so far 33 visits and only 3 votes? this thread can't be THAT stupid?

  4. dawg i take 2.5g in mornig and 2.5g after workout

  5. when i load ill do 20g a day for 5-7 days.. then the rest of the month 10g workout day, 5 g non-workout day.. then 2 week break and do it again..
    if im not doin a loadin phase then ill do a pre w/o drink that i put together which has 7.5g creatine... and then 4-5g post workout
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  6. Im currently taking kre-alkalyn, 1.5 grams pre and the same post so 3g a day total, and the results have been great.

  7. There isn't an option for ZERO grams.

    I used to use Size On, 6 - 8 pills a day for over a year. Then I stopped to see the effect and I noticed less cramping.

  8. I never load, I always combine it with glutamine and whey. I take it pre-workout and just before I leave for the day. Its seems to work best for me when cycled. I never talked to anyone who used it any other way.

  9. Take approx 2.5g's pre. And 5g's post. Occasionally another 2.5 at another time during the day. Creatine mono.

  10. When I'm using it I do 15-20gr and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
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  11. 5g pre and 5g post workout

    pre workout shake:
    5g creatine mono
    25g ATW protein - sometimes I'll use XTEND instead

    post workout:
    5g creatine mono
    25g ATW protein
    40g WMS
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  12. I do 20. Throughout until either I stop seeing benefits (which keep going) or I run out.

  13. When I load I take 2 10g doses a day with waxy maize. Right now I am taking 10g a day.

    Nonworkout day: 10g creatine
    5g BCAA's
    5g Taurine
    35g Waxy Maize

    Postworkout: 10g creatine
    10g BCAA's
    70g Waxy Maize
    5g Taurine

    So far this is working fantastic!

  14. I do 5g a day, 1 serving of Green MAG either before a workout or in the morning on OFF days.

  15. Using No Ether 2 scoops pre. Thinkn thats about 5g of crea. Me likes

  16. 5 grams of Green Mag everyday

  17. I was taking 10g (w/ 50g dextrose) PWO for a while. Recently started taking ~7.5g intra-workout (w/ Xtend) and another ~7.5 PWO (w/ 50g protein, 10g bulk BCAA & 60 oats), and 10g in the morning on off days (w/ dextrose). Too early to say anything about the results.

  18. 5g mono pre+creatine mixture & 5g mono post when I'm on creatine. There's also some CEE and Creatine Phosphorus or something like that in the mix I buy, but the scoop of that is solely for pre-workout.

  19. 5 grams pre and 5 post creatine.....love it

  20. 6 grms only on training days (non on off days).

    I get 3 grms from Animal Pump pre workout & 3 grms from Torrent post workout.

  21. i take 2.5 in the morning before working out and another 2.5 after working out. So 5 grams on workout days and on my day off i just take 2.5 right before bed.

  22. Around 5-7g usually.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Timmo View Post
    Im currently taking kre-alkalyn, 1.5 grams pre and the same post so 3g a day total, and the results have been great.
    Take look at my post on creatine and kre alkalyn.

  24. When using mono i cycle for periods of 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off.

    Weeks 1-3 5 grams pre,5 grams post.

    weeks 4 -8 10 grams pre, 10 grams post.

  25. I take Green Bulge Pre-workout, and 5 grams of Creapure mono Post-workout.


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