Judge my Stack

  1. Judge my Stack

    Ok Guys,

    I ordered a couple of new supplements that I havent tried before, as well as some that I have. For those of you that have used these products, I have a couple of questions, for which I have not been able to find answers on this site.

    Heres an example of what I would do in one day, or at least up until PWO.

    10:00 Breakfast (Ex. Several egg whites, toast, and maybe a banana)

    12:00 NO XPLODE (It works for me, dont judge)

    12:30 Go to the Gym

    During Workout: Sip EXTEND

    Immediately PWO: NEOVAR creatine and 60-75 g WAXY MAIZE

    15 mins later: 2 scoops (48g) ON 100% WHEY

    One Hour or so Later: High Carb, High Protein Meal

    Let me know what you think of the stack, or anything I should add.

    What I really am interested in is whether or not the Xtend will interfere with the NO-Xplode's awesome effects on me, or if drinking it during my workout will effect the uptake of the NeoVar pumped into my system with the Waxy Maize immediately Post Workout

    6' 1" 170lbs 20 years old

    FYI: Im trying to gain a couple more lbs of lean muscle, while cutting off a lb or 2 more before I head back to college in 3 weeks (Im pretty damn lean anyways, Im just wanna look as ripped as possible when I go back to school).

    Thanks again

  2. If anything the xtend will increase NO xplode's effectiveness

  3. Maybe invest in P-Slin and take that before your pre-workout meal to help partitioning the WMS.
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  4. Ok, this is a solid stack. Perfect for anyone who needs energy for an explosive workout. I had been off the NO and it was great to get back on that, but the Xtend subtely gave the energy towards the end of my workout. The PWO stuff gave me a great rush and I havent really come down even though Ive been done working out for almost 3 hrs now.

    I did a strength workout today:

    Close Grip Bench: 7x4
    HammerStrength Fly: 7x4
    Weighted Dips: 7x4
    HammerStrength Chest Press: 7x4
    Triceps Pulldowns 7x4

    I was still feeling energized, even on the last of 35 sets!

    I may try the P-slin the next time I put in an order, but Im pretty set on supps for a while.

    Thanks for the help. Anyone who needs stack help should try this out.

  5. what did you think of the neovar? Good looking choices although No-Xplode isnt my first choice
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  6. Well I just used it for the first time yesterday, but that being said, my chest and tris look and feel pretty damn good today. I'll update later if I see better results that creatine mono.


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