1. 3-AD=animal/universal

    So I looked up 3-AD on goggle and found www.3-AD.org (I think its the right web site) and was a animal pak pic on the web site the."squat till you puke" one, now I don't know how many of you are animals but if you are look it up and if you are an animal do you know what's up with the pic and AX?

  2. Uh....wha???

    No, man. Someone bought the rights to that web addy before we could. The AX higher-ups already know about it. It's kinda crappy, but 3-AD does indeed have its own site.


    Check it out. And if you have and ???? - hit us up!

    Oh, and by the by...if you check out the website I just gave you, scroll the whole way to the bottom and check out the left corner. It's 2 pics of a guy squatting 555lbs.. That's my big arse!! And yes, I am an animal. And yes, I did want to puke after that.
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  3. So Tim, or anyone, what is the Exact difference between your two products, 3-AD and hyperdrol2? I'm trying to understand this whole thing.

    Plus, i have not did any workouts in like 3 months, so with me coming back with the intention to stay with it. Is it good that i bought the 3-AD? and how long is it effective to cycle it for.


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