Psyllium Husk Question

  1. Psyllium Husk Question

    Hey Guys,

    So how long after taking some psyllium husk do you think its safe to take some nutrients/supplements again? I've heard that taking nutrients/supplements with fiber (specifically psyllium husk) prevents them from being absorbed.

    How long should one wait before taking in nutrients/supplements again?



  2. Good question, I've been wondering the same thing. Psyllium husk is insoluble fiber though and I think soluble fiber is the one that absorbs more nutrients like why oats are good for cholesterol.

  3. Bumpikon 5

  4. The general rule of thumb is once you ingest psyllium husk, wait at least 2 hrs prior to taking any supplements, or else you risk poor absorption.

  5. ^^^

    Great info. Thanks!

    Any other opinions?

  6. it takes up to one hour for food to pass through the stomach and 3 hours the small intestine. so i believe.


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