How much is too much?

  1. How much is too much?

    I sometimes wonder how much/many supplements is too much to take at one time. There seems to be a supplement that can be taken for everything. You can wake up and take a multi, fish oil, some caffeine, and of course brekfast. Maybe even add some protein in as well. Come lunch time it's fish oil, caffeine, and protein. Pre workout it's BCAA's, protein, caffeine, carbs, and maybe some other pre workout creatine mixture. During workout you can have some more BCAAs. Post workout it's protein, food, and whatever else.

    I guess I am asking what is too much? I went through a time when I thought more was better and took so much stuff that I look back and am amazed at how much stuff I took each day. Sure I had tons of energy, awesome workouts, and gains but the long term effects to my body, liver, and system concern me.

  2. There can never be enough!!!!

  3. I found what works for me about 3 years ago and I've not tweaked it that much since. My belief, if it ain't broke...etc.

    I only tweaked it a little and I try to stay with the same 2-3 supp companies. I try to stay with 4 main supps: multi, antiox, bcaa, protein...then I add on maybe 2-3 other "enhancing" supps. the last year it's been yellow gold, blueup, cissus, dermacrine.

    Back in the day, when I felt springy, I'd toss some m1t or pp in the mix or something similar but those days are behind me.

    The biggest thing is to keep it simple yet effective.
    Once Usplab's prime comes out, i'll be logging that for personal experiments and I'll def look at musclepharm's sleep enhancer. I think blueup will go on the shelf once I start to prime it, along with dermacrine (for a while at least)
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  4. Just listen to your body. Space the supplements out, increase water intake, and if your feeling good then keep lifting hard! :dl:

  5. If you stick to the basics supplement wise I wouldnt worry about it. If your taking any kind of hormonal supplements they might carry some negative sides or long term effects but the regular daily supps like fish oil, multi's, creatine, aminos, etc. I wouldnt be concerned.

  6. I was thinking that the same thing today actually.........

    Then i realized i am a junkie......... 1 is too many, and 100 is never enough........

    I'm going with it..........Lets see if the bank account can keep up

    I am not talkin PH or PS.

    I stockpile, thats my problem. I have enough supps for the next least.

    Yeah, My name is Kristofer..................... and Im a supplement junkie. lol......


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