WMS and creatine pills?

  1. WMS and creatine pills?

    I have some WMS on the way from NP and it will be my first experience using it. I plan to use it post workout in place of the gatorade that I use now. I know that is recommended to take your creatine and bcaa with WMS and I take kre alkalyn but its in pill form. Will my creatine being in pill form inhibit the increased absorbtion from the WMS? or should I break open the pills and put the powder in my shake? If WMS offers almost immediate absorbtion Im thinking the pills might not dissolve fast enough for the creatine to be shuttled in with the WMS and BCAA.

  2. what creatine are you using?

  3. ultimate nutrition kre alkalyn. Its pill form, two pre and two post workout.

  4. i really don't think you would have an issue either way.

  5. I like to take my WMS preworkout for additional energy and better pumps. I've used it pre and post before, but feel that it feels me up and doesn't allow me to eat near as well as I should. How long have you been taking the Kre-alkalyn? I tried Sci-Fit a while back and it made for a really good fast-acting LAXATIVE!

  6. I've been taking it for about 3 months, Ive used the sci-fit before as well, but with no issues? Kre-Alkalyn has worked really well for me, Ive had no negative sides at all.

  7. what kind of results have you seen with kre alkalyn? just curious.

  8. oh and i think you might be better off breakin em open. or taking the capsules, then about 15 mins later take the wms, etc. it will ensure the capsules have dissolved and the creatine is ready to be shuttled to your muscles. although you might not even notice a difference.


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