BCAA on off days, yes or no

  1. BCAA on off days, yes or no

    I recently statrted taking BCAA's pre and post work out, around 5-10 grams per dose. I was wondering if everyone takes them on off days or just w/o days.

  2. My off day is Sunday and I do not take any supps, just reg food. If I feel that I need some extra recovery I would take about 10-15 grams on my off day with alot of water.

    I guess it would be personal preference.

  3. I'm sure they are of benefit on non WO days. I think it would depend heavily on your budget in the end.

  4. On my off days I have a protein shake while im cooking my breakfast and throw my bcaa's in with it (5-10g). BCAA's are good first thing in the morning to end the night time catabolism and start your day off growing.

  5. It depends on your budget and goals. During a cut, I'll drop two or three meals,not consecutively, and replace them with some BCAA to stave off catabolism and drop calories. Your body doesn't only repair the muscles you annihilate during your workout, but on off days too. But the best bang for the buck is peri-workout.

  6. Definitely depends on your budget and goals. I've experimented with BCAAs on off days while cutting with some favorable results, but alot will depend on your personal cost to benefit ratio.

  7. You recover quite a bit on off days,and your body doesn't repair muscles period during a wo,they get damaged during the wo then repair themselves throughout the day,but mostly at night in your sleep.Some of you people need to do some more reading and not give out advice untill your are positively sure about what you're saying.......

  8. As long as I can afford it (especially while cutting) I will down BCAA's (to be precise, Xtend due to it being so darn gooooood) all day long in between meals...

    As someone else said, your muscles grow while you rest and why in the hell do you want to eat less of the good stuff the days you're not working out?
    You want to be as recovered as possible so you survive the next workout....

    So, depending on budget, YES on off days...

    Gonna go mix 20g of xtend now, I look forward to sippin on it the next fiteen minutes

  9. As well, I kickstart every morning with about 15g of EAA's, tastes not to good though

  10. Absolutely take BCAA's on your off days if you can afford it. I sip em all day long. You have to realize once you work a muscle effectively, it is sucking nutrients from your body for the next ~48-72 hours. I see no reason for on or off days to be any different.

    The only thing that might need to be switched up a little bit would be total cals and carb intake (this depends a lot on goals obviously).


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