A Anabolic Pump Question To Past Users.

  1. A Anabolic Pump Question To Past Users.

    is it like a PH to where u lose some of your results
    or is it like someother product?

    Im gettin my package of AP tommarow
    wanna kno so i kno what i can expect nothin too much or too less.

  2. You don't lose your gains from it since you don't have a drop in hormone levels if you stop. It's something that helps you right when you take it, by helping you make use of the carbs you eat.

  3. I am guessing that English is your second language...I am not knocking you, as I don't even have a second language.

    I think you mean will you lose some of the progress you make once you "come off." I am an endo, and this product swings me more towards the meso end of the spectrum, especially as far as carb tolerance goes. I can eat carbs and maintain a low body fat while growing muscle slowly. This simply was not possible for me before. To gain muscle I had to up my carb intake, and no matter how much cardio I did (up to two hours of intense bicycling a day), I would still gain fat. Granted, muscle has always come easily for me...it is just that fat comes so much more easily that I look my worst when I have the highest muscle mass.

    Not any more.

  4. You do not lose your gains after finishing Anabolic Pump.

  5. The answer to the question is a somewhat convoluted one: in a strict sense, you will not lose any of the retained glycogen and subsequent muscle synthesized a result of AP; however, upon cessation you will most likely return to your Pre-AP level of Insulin Sensitivity.

    Such sensitivity is one of the most effective and dynamic aspects of the product - accumulative use presents cumulative progress, as the factors involved (GLUT4 translocation, carbohydrate ingestion) are not necessarily rate-limited.

    In the most simple form: no, you will not lose your made gains. You will, though, return to normal, so to speak.

  6. the swelling of muscles stop after use of AP.

    thats from the decreased glycogen storage within the muscles.
    although i noticed that even after stopping, my insulin senstivity is still higher than pre-AP use.

    but other than that, muscle gains made from it are not lost, providing you continue to have a good diet, and exercise regime.

  7. If you use AP and respond well to it, you'll find it a valuable tool for doing what the bottle says: Build Muscle, Lose Fat.

    Now, like Mullet said, when you stop, carbohydrate partitioning will not be the same and you will be more apt to have glucose dumped into fat cells. This is why I will be continuing to use AP.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  8. thanks guys for your input.
    nice you answered my next answer (force of green)
    reps guys.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by polo View Post
    thanks guys for your input.
    nice you answered my next answer (force of green)
    reps guys.

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