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How many people use coffee here as their stim of choice?

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  1. How many people use coffee here as their stim of choice?

    How many people use coffee as their stim of choice, either pre-workout, upon waking, or all day long? Just curious.

  2. I need my coffee when i wake up..... Sometimes after lunch a starbucks vanilla latte is calling me and I have to go get one...

  3. I do not drink coffee at all or tea.

  4. there's a purpose for this, so vote in the poll if it applies to you.

  5. I dont drink coffee. So I quess I drink tea and like to cuddle!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stl123 View Post
    I dont drink coffee. So I quess I drink tea and like to cuddle!!
    Nothing wrong with that. Might I refer you to this product which you might find useful?

    Just kidding!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Nothing wrong with that. Might I refer you to this product which you might find useful?

    Just kidding!!!

  8. coffee for me... cheap and effective! :bruce2:

  9. ummm...coffee

  10. Coffee was a primary supply until the stomach pains started. Now it's very rare I drink it.

  11. How much were you drinking, Jayhawkk?

  12. i cant do warm liquids...

    (i am probably asking for it with that comment)
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  13. Coffee gives me an great rush, euphoric, unlike most of the stims I go with. It has always seemed to be the cleanest stim I have taken PW, but that could just be a psychological thought. It's a feel-good stim for me, as opposed to a gotta-lift-and-bite-tires mindscrew that I get from some other PW stims.

    With that said, it is my stim of choice. RPM usually takes the cake for the ass-kicker, but I don't dose it that often. And I definintly refrain from using it at any other time of the day aside from from PW.

    I enjoy coffee though... I'll drink decaf sometimes. Pills... not as enjoyable.

  14. Euphoric, huh. I wish, though it is clean for me.

  15. Cool poll.

    I do like tea, but not for pre workout.

    If I'm feeling sluggish at work, before I leave I'll drink a cup of Joe and then when I get home hit the gym.

    I rarely use stims pre workout, but when I do it's either straight caffeine, coffee or Yellow nEuphoria.

  16. I drink about 10 cups a day on average during the week and about 5 or 6 on the week ends. Very good friend of mine [ actually we were more like brothers] drank 2 to 3 pots a day min. He used coffee so he could push himself to get more done. He passed away at 39 and left behind 2 young daughters and a wife. Heart attack. He wasnt even close to fat, and I will always think his coffee consumption contributed to his death.

  17. green tea - 3-4 cups a day. Caffine and Antioxidants +/- the cuddles

    preWO - RPM or Zap

  18. First thing when I get up and and randomly through out the day.

    I have my own bean grinder and espresso station and will always poor over ice.

    Also, does coffee affect blood sugar in any way?

  19. Yes, it does.

    A new study of coffee and diabetes (Jan 2004) has shown that men who drank 6 cups of coffee a day reduced their chances of developing type-2 diabetes by half, and women who drank the same amount cut their risk by 30 percent. 126,000 people filled out questionnaires over the past 12-18 years with information about their coffee intake and other health questions.

    In earlier studies, Dutch researchers discovered that there are compounds in coffee that aid the body's metabolism of sugar. Their study involved 17,000 men and women in the Netherlands. The results were published in November 2002, in the journal Lancet.

    According to their study, people who drank 7 cups a day (or more) were 50% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Drinking less coffee had less of an impact on diabetes onset. Researchers are still looking at the connection between coffee and diabetes, and caution people that 7 cups of coffee per day is enough to create other health problems.

  20. bump for teh joe!

  21. stopped about 3 weeks ago for my Adrenalean log. Really just miss the taste!
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  22. I was drinking about 4 large cups a day. I found one by folgers that is brewed to be easier on the stomach. I can enjoy a nice cup in the morning again!


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