aakg bulk powder

  1. aakg bulk powder

    i just bought 2 containers of this bulk powder and it does not specify how much to take pre workout. i weigh 155 it says 1/4tsp =700mg can u please help thank you

  2. If 1/4 is 700 a half would be 1.4 so just do the math.

  3. i know that but how many grams should a 155lb male take pre workout. also would it be a good idea to mix in with protien shake?

  4. Umm I'm not sure about weight.
    I'm 160 and I do 3g when I wake up, 3 pre and 3 post.
    Don't take it with a meal.

  5. thanks

  6. No problem.

  7. I only use it pre workout. I take 5 grams. You really don't want to have it in your system all day as it causes a lot of free radicals in the body.

  8. True enough redwolf. If one were to keep a constant supply of aakg or other arginine in their system, it would be beneficial to throw in some anti oxidant

  9. Agree'd if your gonna take aakg that often supplementing with extra anti oxidants would be a must. I also only use it pre workout, and I take 3.5 grams. I could also recommend moving your post workout dose to before bedtime to help GH release while you sleep. If your taking it pre workout already theres really not much benefit to taking more again an hour later or so later, your blood should already be flowin' by then lol

  10. what about taking citruline malatate with it i heard that it helps eliminate toxic radicals from your body

  11. It may very well, I dont have alot of expierience with it, I know its suppose to enhance NO synthesis and lead to better pumps, but Im not sure what effects it has as an anti oxidant. If you look at any pre workout supps like white flood or animal pump that have an anti oxident complex included they dont use citruline malate as an ingredient?

  12. I don't know what you guys would recomend for anti ox but I use,
    2g Vit C everyday
    1.2g Calcium/800IU Vit D

  13. Quote Originally Posted by fame126 View Post
    what about taking citruline malatate with it i heard that it helps eliminate toxic radicals from your body
    It helps to reduce ammonia build-up during training, but has no anti-O effect.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  14. I also supplement with vitamin C at 2g per day and 800iu of vitamin E everyday as well

  15. If you are going to be on a high dose of any NO product(s) I would highly recommend considering a quality anti-oxidant/vitamin intake.

    I dose either straight Vit C, Vit E, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc year round, or as of now just dose NOW Adam twice daily. As far as a quality anti-oxidant, look into NoXidant by RPN. I just picked up my first bottle and I can tell it will be a staple for me along with my ADAM. I am toying with dosing schemes, but liking Adam with 1st meal after my workout, 2nd to last meal of the day, and NoXidant before bed.


  16. On top of all those listed, I also take Vit. E, Grape seed extract, lycopene, idebenone, and a few others.

  17. if you are using nutras, i actually got full effects from it around only 2g and i weighed about 165 at the time


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