I have UCP-1 questions too :)

  1. I have UCP-1 questions too :)

    Well my wife has decided to bump up her finess regime now that we are happely married and somewhat settled in to our new home. HSe used to work out quite a bit but for a couple of monts before the wedding this kinda whent out the window due to a lack of time.

    She is quite distrssed about gaining a few pounds on the Honeymoon and wants to get back in to shape.

    I have used the ECA stack with quite a bit of success in the past however she tried it once and was litteraly bouncing off the walls and her heart raced quite a bit. This and the fact that one of her friends has lectured her on how bad Ephedrine is and how it will give you a heart attack.... Has prompted her to be very gun shy of any suppliment.

    SHe has quite a small body (5'2 110lb??) the weight is a guess, and a fairly high metabolism that seems to quickly react to any stimulant

    She would like to tone up and I have volunteered to help get a suppliment plan worked out to help her and i was wondering on what y'all thought of possibly trying a reduced dosage UCP-1.

    I know that there are a lot of men on here who have tried this but I was wondering what the results have been for women.....



  2. sounds like shes got her diet in check and she does her cardio, i think shes good to go as is.

  3. 5'2 and 110 lbs right? Sounds pretty good to me, I wouldn't use UCP to shed that, try altering something else first IMO

  4. UCP-1 is some good ****. If your wife decides to take this, make sure she knows EXACTLY what this is, does, and the proper supplementation to stack it with as it'll affect the liver

    Like stated, she sounds good...Nothing a little extra cardio and diet can't accomplish, IMHO

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