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  1. sleep aids

    Fellas, I am wondering if any you have a good recommendation for a sleep aid supp? I use ZMA nightly and I am wondering if I could addition something into that mix (besides velrian root or melatonin)?

    I'm reading up on:

    any insight, experience or other recommendations?

  2. powerfull works pretty good ,but my old stand buy is 5mg melatonin and 3g of gaba if you mix that with your zma you should be good to go.

  3. Somnidren is the most potent sleep aid out there. If you have the dough, go for it.

    Knockout and Nocturnabol are both excellent, too, but they don't tend to make me sleepy; it's only once I'm asleep that I feel their benefits.

  4. I'm running a log of Somnidren GH and ZMK right now and let me tell you.... IT KNOCKS YOU OUT FOR THE COUNT! If you got the cash I would recommend.

  5. Somnidren for the win...look around there should be quite a few logs to check at the moment
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  6. Big fan of Nocturnabol, GABA, ZMA, and Macuna Pruriens, but I'm looking forward to trying the Somnidren and ZMK stack, as I'm only hearing good things about it.

  7. there is another bigger thread about this. look it up u will find some great info. i did

  8. I've seen results from PowerFULL and Lean dreams. I normally sleep well though and for those nights I can't get to sleep and need to, i grab a tylenol PM. Rx wise, i've used Ambien and it will put you to sleep and keep you there unless you mix alcohol with it but that's another story

  9. powerful was an amazing sleep aid for the first few months then it seemed like it was less effective. i would wake up in the morning and felt very refreshed for the first few months of using it. phenibut will knock you out but you will be very groggy in the morning and it should only be used once in a while.
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  10. Mate - PowerFull works even if your sleep is broken.

    I have 1yr old twins, I should know. At it's worst, I was operating on 4hrs broken sleep max, with at least 3 bottle runs a night.

    And the calming effect it had on my nerves during the day...

    I can not sing high enough praises of PowerFull.

    Oh yeah, and it's great preWO too.

  11. I love X-Dream! The Mrs. and I swear by it. I haven't tried any other stuff mentioned in this thread so please understand that this is a bit biased. The only way I can describe the effect for me is : "You know that feeling when you wake up some mornings when the sheets are the perfect temperature and you're so comfortable that you don't want to leave the bed?" - That's the feeling you get PRIOR to even getting into bed with X-Dream! Once you wake up you FEEL like you're ready to start the day- no drowsiness at all. Keep in mind though that you can build a tolerance rather easily to the product.

  12. get melatonin its great considering its price just 2-3 dollars for 100 capsules
    plus its awesome.

  13. Started using LEAN DREAMS - just because I received a sample... love it!

  14. I've probably tried nearly every sleep aid OTC & prescription and as far as OTC goes Abyss is by far the best IMO. Excellent mix & seemingly precise amounts.

  15. Phenibut! Neurobalance was the best! (and still is for me, I have a nice stash). It's a heavy heavy gaba agonist. Take an ativan with that and you're not only out super quick, but you're not waking up for 8 solid hours lol.

    I've tried everything else, Abyss, Somnidren, Lean Dreams, etc...nothing touched the effectiveness of a nice double dose of neurobalance (which was basically a more potent form of phenibut).

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    I've probably tried nearly every sleep aid OTC & prescription and as far as OTC goes Abyss is by far the best IMO. Excellent mix & seemingly precise amounts.
    this is good to hear. there are so many excellent sleep aids out right now, and its great that Abyss keeps getting positive feedback
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  17. save your money and but melatonin. 3mg a night will knock you out.

    all else fails, jerk off... that usually makes people pass out pretty fast!

  18. I have used Lean dreams, ZMK, Powerful, X-Dreams and Melatonin. I liked them all but Lean dreams worked best for me.

  19. I've just started on Powerfull & ZMK. Its odd tho, if i take both at the same time they seem to cancel each other out and nothing happens.

    Now i take Powerfull, wait 15-20 minutes and take ZMK. Much better.

  20. Powerfull works for me. Puts me in a deep deep sleep sometimes. Works in less than 20 min when I take it.:bruce3:

  21. Can u take zma and Somnidren at the same time or would it be to much and they would cancel each other out?

  22. take a look at Primordial Performance. Dream Tea and Sleep Scent

  23. i have tried everything. The only things that really work well are prescriptions. Clonazpan is really great although its more for aanxiety. First you have decide why you cant sleep well. If you have to much anxity get an anxioltic, if you can fall asleep, then something like ambien. Benadryl (Liquid form is the best!) always works, but you can take it on a consitent basis

  24. I agree prescriptions can be great...nothing could ever match the combo of lorazepam and neurobalance (phenibut). Stimulates gaba through two seperate pathways, probably the closest you can get to ghb..although neither my dr nor I really know how safe this can be so I wouldn't try this at home..I just know it works out for me on occassion Probably not too safe for ppl with sleep apnea.

  25. No doubt prescription benzodiazepines work but they lose their potency after time and you find yourself taking more & more. Also when it's time to stop taking them your anxiety and sleep problems rebound worse than they ever were, even when you taper.


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