rpm and sizeon stack

  1. rpm and sizeon stack

    hey guys i just ordered my sizeon and rpm today ! :bb:

    only thing is i am gonna be goin to cancun on wednesday so i wont be able to take it intill the 15th when i come home =(((( i am so pumped to take this guys .. i researched soooooo long to try and find the perfect stack and this is def it ! i am gonna be keeping a log so ill let every1 know how it works !

  2. this stack should offer you nice gains bud! good creatine and solid Pre-wo. RPM also has metabolic test simulating effects in it will help in that aspect as well
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  3. i recently took the same stack. it is great for strength and recomp. this along with a good diet produced excellent results for me, and im sure you will see the same! let me know if you have any questions.

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