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  1. Question liver support

    i have been for on JUNGLE WARFARE for 10 days and seen incredible gains...i gained 4 kgs with BF remaining the same....
    i take LIV 52 DS for my liver support i know JW does not necessarily need a liver support i just want to be on a safer side but can u tell me at what timing should i take it???
    i currently take 1 cap JW with my breakfast
    1 cap jw with lunch followed by Multi-vitamin(is it ok to take muti-vitamins and JW at the same time???)
    and then with my next meal i take LIV 52
    followed by JW on my next meal and after dinner i take my LIV 52...
    is this ok???
    and how caps of liv 52 do i need???
    i currently take 2 caps per serving and a total of 4 per day...
    can i take liv 52 and vitamin c caps at the same time???
    can i take muti vitamins and liv 52 at the same time???
    also can i take jw and liv 52 at the same time???

  2. If I knew what JW stands for (Just Wondering, Jehovah's Witnesses, could be anything), I would be able to more accurately answer your question. Not everyone knows the shorthand for every single supplement, there are a lot out there.

  3. he means jungle warfare

  4. ...I don't know of any reasons that liver support is needed with Jungle Warfare...I also don't see any down sides of taking something like you mentioned though...

    EDIT: I just revisited this thread noticed a typo from early this morning. JW does NOT require liver support. Sorry for any confusion guys.
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  5. I take 3-6 liv.52 a day. More is not going to hurt you in this case.



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