wich supplements should i take ?

  1. wich supplements should i take ?

    i am a 25yr-5'9''-208 lbs out of shape i been enrolled in the gym for about 2 yrs and mybe all together 30 days i have gone. i need all the supplements to give the motivation and boost to want to lift just like when i was 16.

    for the past few years i've been a lazy ass no energy always tired slob. never thought i would feel this way since my childhood and teenager years i had explosive energy people thought i was on drugs,

    i just got my no-xplod wich does help a little but i need more boost ??

    oh i should add that i get very good sleep 8-9hrs a day average.. can you guys help ?? please i'll take anything

  2. Quote Originally Posted by alfred559 View Post
    please i'll take anything

    Take an honest look at your goals and rededicate yourself.

    No supplement in the world will help if your not consistent in the gym, with a solid diet.

  3. if you need more energy, 17-hd is a great supplement for energy, but you have to eat a lot, and healthy. then you would want to take your basic cretin like beta-k and your basic protein like HIGH5.

  4. dude 17 HD is no bueno and overpriced. laxatives and other stuff is what i believe its made up of. Dude dedication is dedication. Plain and simple, nothing man made can supply you with determination to succeed. Its all will power. all supplements will do is aid you in your realm of possiblity

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    dude 17 HD is no bueno and overpriced. laxatives and other stuff is what i believe its made up of. Dude dedication is dedication. Plain and simple, nothing man made can supply you with determination to succeed. Its all will power. all supplements will do is aid you in your realm of possiblity
    it is overpriced, and there are many better products out there, but i was just saying you get great energy results out of taking it

  6. you get great energy for products much cheaper. If it is just a lathargic feeling try out bee pollen or some other natural ways. SUpplement wise for energy i would recommend RPM, Adrenaline, pretty much any pre-wo

  7. how come i see people as replied but i can't see nothing this is frustrating can someone help ?

  8. ...you cant see any of the replies? hmm maybe your internet is slow or something? Try refreshing the page...

  9. all day i tried to view the reply's and was unsucessful but i was able to now and i like your responses i am going dedicate my time to work out since i'm paying $70 month for the gym

    i just added diesel test to my supplements and thinking of protein and creatine later i am going to start a diet wich i will limit my alcohol drinking to once a week instead of 5-6 days a week and eliminate soda also.

    any other suggestions ??

    i am also going to make a doctor appointment to check my blood just to make sure everything is in the normal level's i'm hoping that my test levels are low so i can use that as an excuse for my laziness

  10. DTH is a quality product. good choice. however i would hold off until you can get your diet, training routine, and sleep in tact and steady first. What does your workout look like? A workout with success in my opinion is the first step to dedication, because when you have a good workout you see results, when you see results you stay dedicated.

  11. you have a good point, when i go to the gym i just go for any machine that looks easy to do. where can i learn how to lift weight's and wich ones per day ??

  12. mate like what has been said before, probably the best advice is to set lots SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed) goals, sound like your confidence is a lil low so make them fairly easy to get going, get you routine set out properly. You will start to see positive results! As for supps get your diet in order and look into pre wo's no-explode is good but can make you feel quite ****ty if u take too much lol!!! Have u tried caffeine or anything else???

  13. do research on lifts and excercise routines. check out Bill starr and german volume training. read what excercises work what. start with core lifts and go from their

  14. alfred. you have to want to get in shape. i mean, really want it. i went through a phase where that's all i thought of. every decision i made was based on if it would impact my shape. i worked out hard and learned the basics. i studied and asked and studied and asked and tried and failed and tried and succeeded and failed.

    it's NOT easy. and it will NEVER be easy no matter what STUFF you take. I'VE BEEN FAILING AT THIS FOR OVER A YEAR NOW, BUT I STILL TRY EVERY DAY.

    I WILL GET IT BACK, THOUGH. and i'll know it's because i'll dial in the right FOODS, EXERCISES, and REST patterns to do it.

    i've never been below 14% body fat. and i can't tell you just how frustrating it's been having tried to get lower for a year now and consistently losing muscle. at time, i felt i wasted MONEY on SUPPLEMENTS, TIME on EXERCISE, HEART/SOUL on meal-planning and whatnot. but I WILL GET TO THAT BODY I SEE UNDER MY EYELIDS. I WON'T QUIT.

    (ahem, sorry) and that's what you gotta think, too.

  15. At 25 your test levels should be peaked... I dont think you will need a test booster.
    You need to read the above statements and pretty much get off your @$$ and lift something heavy. There is no nice way to put it. If you are looking for a supp to motivate you, you are looking in the wrong place. Use the search menu... Look Through the forums. There is a weight loss section that you can check out. There's plenty of advice floating around here but it all comes down to two things... diet, exercise. You can use supps like creatine, and a Pre WO drink. Get used to the idea of lots of protein. You should probably quit alcohol in general if you are serious about this endeavor. I have cut mine back to rare occasions and on holidays. By altering your diet, you will see results.

    For lethargy... get up earlier in the morning... go to bed earlier. Eat breakfast and drink 10oz of water when you first wake. Kick start your metabolism and gets the body flowing first thing in the morning.
    No one can help you at this point but yourself.
    Go lift something heavy.
    SFW and GFH

  16. i went to the gym yesterday and felt pretty good about it now i'm going back right now i took a cup of water and a protein shake for breakfast.

    i'm real sore from my chest but i'll do something else thats not for the chest.. thanks for all the advice and motivation.

    i'll search for bill starrh german volume training today and just search till i could write it down on a paper so i could have my whole week planned, thanks man

  17. nice yeah they have good splits set up for instane

    Day1 chest tricep
    day2 back bicep
    day3 off
    day4 thigh
    day5 calves abs obliques

    look at something like that and incorporate rest days where needed. also dont forget to add cardio at least 1 time per week


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