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    So im almost 300 lbs 6'6 and i play football, im trying to lose atleast 15lbs what one (non stack) fat burner would be the most effective? i was gonna do the lr/dcp stack but nutraplanets out and its too expensive sepratly.

  2. cardio and diet big boy

  3. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    cardio and diet big boy


    Exactly...clean up your diet, watch your salt intake, get enough water, and boom..the weight will disappear. dropping 5% of your body weight isn't hard and shouldn't require supps.

  4. Nothing requires supps, I just switched from Hott Roxx to Recreate, It is fantastic. It really helps with appetite better than any others I've tries, Hot Roxx Extremem, Levithan, Ephedra. DCP is very good as well but if you can't afford both go for Recreate


  5. clean up your diet, lower your sodium, moderate your carb in take, increase the amount of cardio you do and since you play football...stick with mostly compound excercises that involve the most muscle groups. the more muscle groups you involve the more calories you burn. also shorten your rest period between sets.

  6. im starting to believe that diet is all a matter of self discipline...u dont need a pill to suppress ur appetite. only if u dont have self-control and a good mind-set, but thats just me

  7. The one fat burner that I believe to be most effective is Recreate. It burns fat 23 different ways and much more. It helped me to get more shredded than I have ever been and my abs are more visible than ever.

  8. Pretty much all has been said already, but you could do 6-7 small meals per day, instead of 2-3 big ones, if your not doing that already. This works well for me and raises my metabolism, and others have had good success with it as well. You could also taper off your carbs as you progress through the day, or do carbs pre and post workout. Good luck!!

  9. thanks to all


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