1. melatonin

    anyone know if melatonin can be physically addictive? I'm not talking mentally addictive, anything can be mentally addictive, talking about ones body actually physically needing it after prolonged use.

  2. It is a natural occurring hormone... and as far as I know is not addictive. It is used to treat people who have problems with their circadian rhythm... I think the first study as a sleeping supplement was performed several years ago in blind people. Because the blind have no sense of day or night which can lead to a miss firing of the circadian rhythm. Melatonin also plays a role in weight management and GH production.

  3. not addictive at all. i take 3g a night and i can stop whenever i want!!!

    *soooo cold*

    Seriously though, it's about as addicting as a carrot. Christ I hate carrots.

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