Picked up bottle of Syntrax Cerebro

  1. Picked up bottle of Syntrax Cerebro

    Ingredient Profile:
    Bacopa Monniera Leaf Extract 100mg
    (Standardized For 40% Bacosides)
    Huperzia Serrata Plant Extract 1.5mg
    (Standardized For 5% Huperzine A)
    Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract 100mg
    (Standardized For 25% Hydroxyphenylethanols, 10% Total Rosavins, 6% Rosavin)
    Vinpocetine 10mg

    Anyone have experiences with any of the ingredients listed? I've heard very good things about Rhodiola as far as mood support goes, but what about the other ingredients/extracts. I was thinking of just picking up some Rhodiola, but this seemed better, as it 6% rosavins, compared to 2.5%. Anyone?

    And also, I know how people feel of Syntrax when it comes to the online community, so just SAVE it.

  2. I've been using Cerebro for a while and really like it. It's a fine mood enhancer and works very well for increasing mental focus.

    As far as the other ingredients are concerned:

    Vinpocetine is commonly used as a nootropic as it increases blood flow to the brain. It is said to have memory enhancing and vasolidating effects. I've also read that it's supposed to help with fat loss, but I'm not sure there's any kind of evidence for that.
    Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and mimics the neuroprotective effects of some Alzheimer meds.
    I have no idea what Bacosides do.

    However, if you're only looking into it because of the rosavin ratio, you might as well look into Biotests new Rhodiola product, it has 15% rosavin at the same serving size.

  3. I've tried a few bottles of it. Not earth shattering, but seems to help some at work.

    I've tried a few caps of Rhodax by Pinnacle - that made me feel really good (higher rosavin - 10% I think).

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