Poll: How much time do you spend weight training?

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How much weight training?

  1. How much weight training?

    I read an article yesterday and the guy said that more than 60 to 75 mins of weight training is useless. He said that the body stops producing chemicals and shuts down after that. All supplements aside does any one else agree with this?

  2. NO!!
    Cortisol production is increased after around 45mins of strenuous training, and that can defiantly inhibit gains.......but you don't grow in the gym! You destroy your muscles there and they rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than before while your at rest so no.....That being said you should try to keep your wo's short 45mins-1hour to prevent the surge of corti......

  3. 1-2 hours usually. Sometimes includes plyos, core, cardio.

  4. Completely depends on goals and experience.

  5. usually 60, but 90 if i include say abs and forearms, or some extra arm exercises cuz they lag.

  6. Well I have been doing a full body routine. I guess I will have to split them up and go to the gym daily. Hard and heavy in and out.

  7. A better poll would break the workout onto 1/2 hr increments from 30 mins to maybe 2 hrs. I dont see how anyone can workout for 4 hrs. If I am energized I get a great 1hr, but usually 45 is my typical routine. If you can for 2+ hrs then you are not working hard, increase the intensity, quality minutes vs. quantity minutes.

  8. Man, I have a hard time going over an hour when just doing weights, and I agree that if you can go longer than that, it's just not intense enough. On chest day, after about 1/2 an hour, I can barely press just the bar. I alternate between HIT and kinda regular workouts, throwing in some form of cardio between the HIT and every 4 regular sets for 3 mins, then hit the next set, doing a total of 3 sets(i.e.Barbell press, dumbell press, dumbell flyes) then finishing with 10 mins. straight cardio.I also agree that it depends on the goal and experience. With that being said, it's certainly easy enough to tailor your workout to your specific goals. Obviously some supps will help with keeping some things in check whilst you workout. Bottom line is that I feel change is good and you can tailor your workout to your goals and needs.

  9. 45 minutes is the norm for me. 3 days on, 2 off. I used to go over an hour and a half when I first started weight training, and I thought even that was just too much. I realized that I could get everything done that I needed to in about 45 minutes.

  10. I dont like working out more than 30 minutes..just concentrate on 1 or 2 body parts in that time frame...but I'm not so young like some of you so I can't overdo it. lol

  11. Well I don't know about the scientific ramifications, but he is basically right. Intensity is the key and you can't keep the intensity needed for muscle gain for more than a certain period. I have seen tremendous gains from 30 minute workouts, I have never seen substanial gains from extremely long workouts. I would say 75 minutes would be the ceiling. To go longer you would have to pace yourself which would take away intensity.

    All my knowledge is based on Natural training though, I am ignorant about how substance use alters your ability in this manner.
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