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    i'm looking for some protein and i see their blends are for monring, post workout, nightime, etc. well i take protein in the morning between breakfast and lunch and also right before i go to bed. would the economical protein that is 50%wpc and 50% whey isolate be fine for both of these times? does the time of day really matter on the type of protein you get?

  2. Basically, the type of protein depends on your needs. People use their daytime formulas because their longer digesting. As well as their nightime formulas plus I think they have some glut and other things in their too.

    If your only using powder at those times you have to buy according to your needs. Post-WO, get some whey isolate. As well in the morning. For actual meals, use their slower-digesting blends, as well as before bed.

    simply put, whey alone=fast digestion.
    a blend=slower digestion.

    Go over to the nutrition forum and check out the sticky thread on proteins, some good general info there. I'm pretty sure customizer has protein profiles on their site too.

  3. for anytime protein(besides post workout) i go with 70% milk iso and 30% egg.. i get the vanilla and usually add a few frozen strawberries.. it mixes nice and smooth and taste's great

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