Need a recommendation for CLA

  1. Need a recommendation for CLA

    Just about to begin taking some CLA. The bottle says to take three 900 mg capsules a day with meals but you know that not all recommendations are individualized to each person.

    212 lbs
    11.4% BF
    23 years of age
    5 years of lifting experience
    Train 5 days a week with well planned diet

    Should I consume more than 2700 mg of CLA a day or should I go slightly higher due to my size?

  2. it is not uncommon for people to take 6, 8, or ever 10 grams a day.

  3. I would definitely go higher. Read PP's info on CLA for a better idea:

  4. I was skeptical of even purchasing CLA due to the fact than much of the research conducted with CLA and fat loss has only been proven beneficial in animal systems. If you look at the references of the previous post you will notice that most experiments were done with rabbits and mice and little evidence supports change in body fat of humans.

    However that first human meta analysis looks interesting and I will read that.

  5. but according to that above post, it recommends about 5700mg per day. Which would be about 6 capsules a day.
    How's 2 capsules 3x a day?

  6. I got my benefits at between 10 - 12. I also believe DSade had the same dosage range.

    The Historic PES Legend

  7. I got results with around 4 grams per day, but everyone is different. 4 grams would be the minimum to go with and results showed up in a little over a month, nothing major, but it came off of my mid section, my strength stayed up. The slower it comes off, the slower it comes back, with the proper diet.


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